Book Project. Once you have chosen

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Book Project.  Once you have chosen the book and read it in entirety, you will create a minimum 15 slide presentation in PowerPoint to share the book with the group.The minimum requirements for the presentation are as follows:1. Introduction on slide one title/author/picture of the book.2. Nest you will describe the book. Give a short cliff notes version of what you thought the book was about and what the “Golden nuggets” or the most important parts of the book are.3. Choose two consumer behavior theories that we talked about in the class or that were from the textbook and describe how they relate to or maybe were the opposite of what your book or author stated.4. Would you suggest that we read this book? Yes or No and tell us why.5. Try to include numerous pictures or even videos to increase the interest level of the PowerPoint for your audience. You will also need to use the notes section of the PowerPoint presentation to share your thoughts or additional ideas. Do not put long paragraphs on the slides. Use the notes section for this. You may also want to consider adding voice to your PowerPoint presentation. This would allow you to narrate your presentation. Voice is not required just an idea if you like to use it.My book is  (Digital minds. 12 things every business needs to know about digital marketing.I attached the book. I want it finish after two week. make it easier and clear.
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