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Assessment Task 3 Manage Meetings
BSBADM502 Manage meetings
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Written reflection
Submission details
Candidate’s name Student ID
Assessor’s name
Assessment date/s
The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this
arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for
Performance objective
You will demonstrate the knowledge and decisions you applied to plan, prepare, conduct
and follow up the meeting you planned and conducted in Assessment Tasks 1 and 2.
Assessment description
This assessment continues from Assessment Tasks 1 and 2.
You are required to write a reflection on the process you went through to plan, prepare,
conduct and follow up on your meeting.
1. Write a written reflection on how you planned, prepared, conducted and followed up
on your meeting. Your reflection should discuss the following:
Task 1
Plan and
prepare for a
Task 2
follow up and
report on a
Task 3
Assessment Task 3 Manage Meetings
BSBADM502 Manage meetings
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a. Preparing for your meeting:
i. Who you invited to your meeting, why you decided they were required to
attend and how you reached that conclusion.
ii. The style and structure you chose for your invitation and why.
iii. What conventions you decided were appropriate for your meeting; and
what organisational and legislative requirements you needed to follow.
iv. What budgetary considerations you made and how they affected the
planning and conducting of your meeting.
v. The meeting papers you chose to prepare and the distribution method
you used to provide those papers to participants and why these were
vi. Your approach to developing your action plan, including how you
decided who should be responsible for which tasks and timeframes for
task completion.
vii. The implementation of your action plan; if all required tasks were
completed, if they were completed by the person responsible, if they
were completed on time and, if not, what you did to make sure they
were done.
b. Conducting and following up your meeting:
i. At least one problem that had to be solved during your meeting, the
problem-solving technique you used and why, and how this technique
assisted you in solving the problem.
ii. Your key responsibilities as chairperson for conducting the meeting.
iii. How you would assess your performance in chairing the meeting (i.e.
were you an effective chairperson or are improvements needed?); how
well your meeting participants worked together and what group
dynamics you needed to manage.
iv. The desired outcomes of your meeting, if you achieved them, and the
strategies you used to facilitate the outcome. If outcomes were not
achieved, or not achieved to satisfactory standards, what you could do
to improve in facilitating outcomes.
v. The strategies you used to review the meeting minutes to ensure the
information presented a true and accurate record of the discussions
that occurred during the meeting. If the minutes were a complete and
accurate reflection of the discussions and what, if any, adjustments
you made.
Assessment Task 3 Manage Meetings
BSBADM502 Manage meetings
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vi. The method in which you distributed these meeting minutes and why;
where and how they should be stored; if any follow-up documentation
was required and, if so, how this documentation was or will be
2. Submit the required documents for assessment as per the specifications below. Be
sure to keep a copy for your records.
Assessment Specifications
You must submit this assessment after session 4. Your Trainer will provide you with the
date for submission at the conclusion of session 4.
You must submit:
● a written reflection.
Your assessor will be looking for:
● writing skills to:
○ address context, purpose and audience when creating documents
○ prepare and edit documents using appropriate structure and accurate
spelling, grammar and punctuation
● discussion of numeracy skills to plan and chair the meeting in line with required
timeframes and budgets
● discussion of ability to select the appropriate form, channel and mode of
communication for your purpose
● discussion of ability to cooperate with others and description of methods to
facilitate group interaction, discussion, problem-solving and decision-making
● discussion of ability to recognise and take responsibility for addressing predictable
Assessment Outcomes
● To complete the requirements of this Task students you must undertake and
provide evidence as per Assessment Specification section above.
● the assessment evidence submitted must be authentic, i.e is 100% of your own
work and not plagiarized (Refer students to handbook for guidance on how to avoid
plagiarism). If plagiarism is suspected, your Trainer/Assessor will use the RTO
plagiarism software to authenticate the work. Disciplinary action occurs as a result
of plagiarism.
● Where the assessor determines that the work submitted by a student is not their
own work, they will report this to the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO will
investigate the issue and if plagiarism or cheating is confirmed, the student’s work
will not be taken into account in determining the student’s competence in the
relevant unit. Students are able to utilize Dalton College’s complaints and appeals
procedure if they wish to contest the decision
Assessment Task 3 Manage Meetings
BSBADM502 Manage meetings
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● If your Assessor does not receive sufficient evidence for this task, you will be
provided the opportunity to resubmit.
● If after resubmitting your Assessor still has not received sufficient e

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