BSBREL401 Establish networks

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BSBREL401 Establish networks
Assessment Task 1 – Identify networking opportunities
Assessment description
For this task you are required to review and describe theobjectives of Coffeeville (A simulated workplace at ANGAD Australian Instituteof Technology) You will then need to research other organisations with similarobjectives and explore the potential of networking together These findingswill need to be presented to your assessor
You are required to:
1 reviewthe Coffeeville mission statement (included with the Coffeeville policy andprocedure documents)
2 researchand identify five organisations with the potential to help Coffeeville achieveits objectives
3 for theidentified organisations, describe the points of similarity and difference andinclude them in a comparison table
4 for eachof the identified organisations, briefly describe the benefits to Coffeevilleof establishing a network relationship with them
5 rank theidentified organisations, according to greatest perceived benefits toCoffeeville
6 submit awritten report to your supervisor, detailing your findings
7 present abrief (length as agreed with your assessor) oral report, summarising yourwritten report
You must provide:
1 writtenreport clearly identifying similar organisations and examining similarities anddifferences
2 oralreport that clearly presents relevant information
Your assessor will be looking for:
1 evidencethat you have reviewed Coffeeville mission objectives (Attach documentsreferred)
2 evidencethat you have conducted research for similar organisations to Coffeeville
3 evidencethat you have evaluated and ranked the benefits of a potential networkrelationship
4 anaccurately summary of the w

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