BSMAN 3004 Entrepreneurship

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Course Description (Higher Education) BSMAN 3004 Entrepreneurship
Assessment Task 2: Individual Project Due Date: Sunday, 11.55pm, Week 11
Federation Irm UNIVERSITY• AUSTRALIA 011#0111
Value: 50% Word Limit: 3,500 words (excluding appendices). Please do not exceed the word limit. Content beyond the word limit will be penalised.
Task Overview:
This assessment task assists students to develop skills in: • applying the principles of entrepreneurship to research and judge the feasibility of a recognised opportunity; and • choosing appropriate methodologies to formulate and present a business plan for a new venture
Students are required to identify an opportunity for which they will need to develop an entrepreneurial business plan. The plan must be forward projecting for at least three years and not be an existing business. Students may use an existing business organisation provided the entrepreneurial effort within that business is new to that business. The completed business plan should follow the overall model explained in the “Business Planning” section of the course materials. As a guide a typical business plan includes an executive summary, business goals, management plan, market research and analysis, marketing plan, operational plan, financial plan and an action plan. Students are encouraged to place emphasis on the unique entrepreneurial aspects of their plan. Opportunity identification and assessment should feature prominently. Linked to this focus, students should also discuss the feasibility of their plan. This should be a brief discussion as to why their plan will work.
The business plan audience is very important and in this instance, when writing the plan, students should imagine their plan being presented to an investor for scrutiny and funding opportunity.
The word limit will require students to be succinct and relevant. Information contained in the appendix and is not assessable and should purely substantiate your presented data and research. Executive summary should also be provided. The word limit is final and absolute and excludes the table of contents, tables, graphs, graphics, executive summary and appendices.
Optional: Group Assignment: Students wishing to undertake Assignment 2 as a group assignment in lieu of individual assignment, will have to form their own groups (between 2-4 group members), discuss this option with their lecturer and the lecturer’s approval to undertake the assignment as a group work has to be obtained before the end of week 5. A word limit of 5000 applies, apart from this, all other requirements pertaining to an individual submission applies. Students are to submit electronically the same assignment individually. All students in the same group will receive the same mark.
Assessment Criteria: See marking guide in Moodie for criteria weighting • Identification of entrepreneurial opportunity identification and originality • The business plan – quality of strategies and analysis, based on substantiated research • Ability to integrate elements of entrepreneurship theory into the plan • Research findings, businesslike nature of the plan and feasibility assessment • Substantiation and quality of research into the proposal which includes in-text references and bibliography
There are often problems with students confusing themselves with how to present academic information. It is strongly recommended that students read the provided handbooks (page 2) and ask their lecturer for help in producing their work to strict academic standards. University graduates all have strong writing and reasoning abilities and have been stringently assessed during their years as Bachelor students. As an Applied Degree student, you must attain this same standard to pass this course. Therefore, students should expect very high levels of academic stringency from lecturers in assessing assignment work.
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