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What am I required to do in this assignment?
The first assessment point of this unit is an assignment in report format, which should reflect on the research, processes and analysis used
in site set-up, the selection of foundations, structures and construction techniques.
The building will be a 20 storey mixed-use development with retail space and residential apartments. The ground floor will comprise of a
number of retail units with on-street access. The first floor will be dedicated to a gym and exercise facility. Floors two to 20 will be
residential apartments. A basement level(s) will need to be part of the development for residents.
The development will be sited on a plane of soft (poor bearing capacity) soil approximately 10-15m thick, with underlying sandstone
bedrock from approximately 15m (correct foundations need to be selected). The site is brownfield with a number of previous
developments. This includes a car garage and repair centre dating back to the 1990s and further back, an old brewery in the 1960s. The site
has been cleared of any existing structures to ground level, but below ground conditions remain unknown.
The site is located in a busy city centre and adjacent to a main road. There are existing buildings to the rear and to the left hand side of the
site. There is a supermarket car park on the right hand side. The buildings to the rear are residential.
Submission Deadline
Marks and Feedback
Before 10am on:
20 working days after deadline (L4, 5 and 7)
15 working days after deadline (L6)
10 working days after deadline (block delivery)
Click or tap to enter a date.
Unit title & code
Building Technology CBF021-2
Assignment number and title
Assignment 1
Assignment type
Weighting of assignment
Size or length of assessment
2500 words
Unit learning outcomes
1. Detailed knowledge, understanding and justification of appropriate solutions for the
structure, materials and design of medium and high rise buildings.
2. Developed detailed knowledge and appropriate skills in the preparation of a technical
portfolio of work.
Permission has been granted to use half of the car park area for construction works (parking/site offices/storage of materials etc.). This will
be rented from the supermarket on a monthly basis. The car park space used will be returned to the supermarket on completion of the new
building. Care will need to be taken to ensure that the supermarket car park is returned as swiftly as possible and that the supermarket
customers are not unduly affected by the construction works.
The client has specified that energy efficiency and sustainability are to be considered a priority throughout the project, from design, through
construction, to operation.
Building fabric needs to be suggested and physical/environmental analysis of the fabric needs to be fully considered.
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
In order to pass Assessment 1 you will need to:
 Have demonstrated a logical structure of a technical portfolio including drawings and specifications, which are evidenced
in relation to the literature.
 Have integrated solutions for site setup, foundations, structure and cladding for the given case study.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
Assessment 1 should involve approximately 36 hours for preparation and 9 hours for completion (in total).
You will be expected to have referenced/evidenced the research you have done for this assignment (from appropriate sources).
How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The assignment will tie-in directly with taught sessions, which will cover the key areas of the assignment.
It is therefore extremely important to attend these sessions and take good quality notes.
How will my assignment be marked?
Your assignment will be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page.
You can use them to evaluate your own work and consider your grade before you submit.
3rd Class – 40-49%
Lower 2nd – 50-59%
Upper 2nd – 60-69%
1st Class – 70%+
Report was organised and
presented a simple analysis of
the subject, which covered the
basics and was limited in range
and was simplistic.
Report was clearly organised and
presented a good analysis of the
subject which was satisfactory and
wide ranging and was developed
in some depth.
Report was expertly organised
and presented a wide ranging,
thorough analysis of the subject
which was wide ranging and
developed in depth.
Report was expertly organised
and presented an exceptional
wide ranging in-depth and
thoughtful analysis and reflection
of the subject. Development file
was present.
The student has referred to
several relevant sources of
information and has shown
some understanding of the
conventions of handling
reference material.
The student has referred to
relevant sources of information in
parts of the work and has shown
some understanding of the
conventions of handling reference
The student has referred to a
variety of relevant sources of
information and has shown a
clear understanding of the
conventions of handling
reference material in accordance
with Harvard Method.
The student has referred to a
wide variety of relevant sources
of information, fully complied
with the Harvard Method,
citation, paraphrasing and
handling of the reference
material. Extended bibliography
Limited critical analysis and
Identified some relevant issues.
Lacks focus.
Student has not taken feedback
into consideration.
Some critical analysis was evident.
Demonstrated basic
understanding of the relevant
Simple statement of facts or
Student had attempted to follow
previous feedback.
Good critical analysis and
justification was provided.
Demonstrated good
understanding of the current
Discussed application in several
Student has partially followed
previous feedback.
Wide ranging in-depth and
thoughtful analysis of the current
and relevant subject. High level
skills of evaluation demonstrated
by selecting appropriate
recommendation from a range of
methods, reflective conclusion.
Student has acted on previous
of Technical
Marginal attempt at meeting
Learning Outcomes, few of
Threshold Standards were met.
Vocabulary, is less accurate,
continued/repeated spelling,
units, acronym & contextual
mistakes, poorly edited.
Report has omissions and/or
unnecessary extra content.
Brief conclusion.
Satisfactory attempt at meeting
Learning Outcomes, majority of
Threshold Standards were met.
Vocabulary was reasonably
Several spelling, units, acronym,
contextual or typographic errors
per page. Required better editing.
Satisfactory conclusions.
Content was selected to meet
Learning Outcomes, covers the
basic required Threshold
Standards, editing evident
throughout, Rare spelling, units,
acronym, contextual or
typographic errors.
Good conclusion and future
Attempted progress file, not fully
developed and evidenced.
Content was carefully selected
Learning Outcomes are fully
met, developed further on the
required Threshold Standards,
careful editing evident
throughout, written in technical
Excellent conclusions, reflection
and future recommendations.
Progress file present,
chronological records present.

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