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Business and Corporate Law Questions and Answers
Bolingo wants to sell his house and advertises it in the local newspaper at K370,000, giving his telephone number. Kapilipili sees the advertisement and rings Bolingo and makes an appointment to see the house. Kapilipili likes the house but cannot agree a price with Bolingo, his highest offer being K367,000, while Bolingo insists on K370,000.On the following Monday  Kapilipili  receives  a  letter  from  Bolingo  offering  him  the  house   for K368,500 and saying that Kapilipili can have until noon on Friday to think about it. On Wednesday evening Kapilipili meets his brother Lutuku in their local pub. Lutuku tells him that Bolingo’s son-in-law bought the house earlier that day for K367,000. Kapilipili goes straight home and writes a letter to Bolingo, accepting his offer to sell at K368,500. He posts the letter immediately and Bolingo receives it on Thursday morning, but replies by return saying you are too late. I have sold the house to my son-in-law.” Advise Kapilipili
Maximum of 5 pages typed to be handed in on 22nd April, 2018.
I – Issues
R – Relevant law
A – Application
C – Conclusion
First identify the legal issues. These should be stated briefly in one sentence. There is no need to enlarge on the issues, as this will be done in the application section.
Secondly, take each issue in turn and set out the relevant law relating to that issue. All relevant cases and statutory provisions should be mentioned. Names of cases and statutes should be italicised. It is not necessary to give the facts of every case. The most important thing to set out is the legal principle decided in that case.
Next, the law should be applied to the facts of the problem question. This may be done immediately after you have set out the relevant law on each issue, or you may wait until you have set out the law on all the issues. There is no need to repeat the legal principles set out in the relevant law section.
Finally, state your conclusions. Again, there is no need to repeat what you have already set out in the previous sections. The conclusion should be brief. If there is more than one possible conclusion, set them all out.

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