Business and Enterprise

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Business and Enterprise
(Research, Evaluation and Innovation Essay)
What am I required to do in the Assessment?
You are required to follow the Assessment Brief and the Assessment Guidance shown below.
Assessment Brief
Select and specify a Life Science Industry of interest to you from the list below:
Biotechnology Industry (e.g. one of Medical Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology)
Pharmaceutical Industry (Human or Veterinary)
Medical Technology Industry (e.g. one of Diagnostic Products, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies).
Research and specify a specific sub-industry from your choice made in part 1. This can be based on: (A few examples or a more concrete definition might be good)
a set of products (e.g. regenerative medicine products, biofuels, cancer drugs, COVID-19 vaccines, CT Scanners, microbial diagnostics etc.) OR
a specific technology (e.g. genetic engineering, microbial fermentation, antibody technology, cell culture, nuclear magnetic resonance etc.) OR
a specified geographical location (e.g. Agricultural Biotechnology in Japan, Medical Biotechnology in India, The Pharmaceutical Industry in South Africa, The Medical Device Industry in Europe etc.
Review the landscape of the sub-industry within your chosen area, including specific examples of both start-up companies and established enterprises which have been floated on the stock market. Include the following information:
Key business activities and examples of business innovations
Examples of innovation in key products or services
Examples of patents granted in the last 5 years
Main markets for products or services?
Market value of your chosen area
Examples of key influencing factors (drivers and barriers to entry)
Key Stakeholders
SWOT analysis of your chosen area
Give an example of a primary research paper or patent published in the last three years in your chosen industry and describe a potential product or service that could be developed from it.
Assessment Guidance
General guidance
Essay length should not exceed 2000 words of word-processed main text (excluding references, diagrams, tables and their associated legends etc). The word count must be given. A full list of references and sources should be given using Harvard Referencing Style.
You may use company websites, annual reports, press releases, and other general sources of information (financial papers, magazines, reviews etc.) as well as industry market reports and articles in business journals to evidence your review and critique. Please provide reasons, evidence, examples, illustrations, figures and tables etc. where appropriate.
All work submitted will be assessed for plagiarism through Turnitin

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