Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

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Damian Wolf (NA) What is the connection between Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Retrieved from
InsideBigData (Jan. 2018) How Netflix uses big data to drive success Retrived from
Detail the value add of business intelligence to the company
Could there be any possible negative impacts of business intelligence on decision making processes?
Explain the three forms of data-mining analysis and explain how your company can use it to gain BI? (Refer to LO 8.2)
Give examples of how the company can use tactical, operational, and strategic BI? (Use the Figure B10.1 and chart this – don’t just copy and paste but use appropriate words and concepts that apply to your specific case).  I need to see either a table or flow chart format – as in the chapter
What types of ethical and security issues could a company face while using BI tools and data? List these in bullets to bring out the clarity and explain briefly
Please make sure (while I ask questions – to guide you) your work in an essay format NOT Q&A.  You could use topic titles like Introduction, Negative Impacts, Data Mining etc.
Your answers should be precise, detailed and clear.  I will be looking for your understanding of the material in terms of content, clarity and focus.
Use Paragraphs, bullets, charts etc. to present your work professionally.  I have very low tolerance for spelling and grammatical errors (easily corrected in a word document)
Cite all sources.  Remember that I need to see BOTH in text and end citations in APA format.  Turnitin will show complete match of all material.

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