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STATS For education industry
For an assignment ( Start-up assignment) I need STATS as follow.
We are proposing an online School for different targets of a parent, enclosed you can find my ( initial elevator pitch).
I NEED The following stats but other information will be accepted and a PLUS for me.
Collect Stats on global & anglo speaking countries on education.
Search for stats on the labour market that impact education
% Homeschooling
% Private vs public
% School dropouts
% International system
stats on flexible work
stats on global universities.
ONLINE SCHOOL 4.0 “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children”
TEAM 7 – Notes for slides
The problem that you are addressing and for which customer segments
“Access to International Education from any place in the world. A more independent/open education free of political or local agendas. Customer Segment: Any parent that wants a different education for their child. Currently working on a survey to close in on our target audience. ”
The value created/pain alleviated
“Flexible education for primary and secondary students, better aligned with parents flexible schedules. Content adapted to Industrial Revolution 4.0 and soft skills needed for the future. International student network. Support to parents on how to help and guide their children through school ”
The nature of the solution/business model
“Business model transformation: From traditional system to a 4.0 system. Online Accredited International School for primary and secondary students. ”
The source of your competitive advantage
“Main competitive advantages:
FLEXIBILITY: on study schedules, on adapting content, on location, on international group work.
SOCIAL INTERACTION: Active Learning. Online&Offline ACCREDITATION: offering IB accreditation.
CONTENT: Blended Learning (real-world interaction), Soft Skills, 4.0 Skills.”
How you will make money
“Tuition: Parents will pay to enrol their children full time or part time as a complement to current education. Partnerships: to provide scholarships to less privilege students Investors: to support technology and content development. ”
Anything else relevant Increase both in homeschooling and school dropouts in English speaking countries show a change in education is long due. An alternative that supports parents through the years and in combination with their efforts offers quality and relevant education for the children and their future lives.
Education Sector Trend on Global education industry analysis
tutoring industry australia statistics
tutoring industry statistics canada
online tutoring industry statistics
USA tutoring industry statistics
tutoring industry Europe statistics
tutoring industry Singapore statistics
tutoring industry Malaysia statistics
Need Help with Higher Education Industry Based – Global Trends, Analysis Segment and education market research reports
1) you looking for data only or analysis as well.
2) stats means only secondary data from a literary and online source or data collection from secondary resources.
3) do we have to make the ppt too ?
4) what are the questions with which you want to do data collection for your topic

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