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Task 1 – Sustainability Case Study and Policy
This assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.
Performance Objective
For this assessment learners are required to review existing policy documents and compare them to regulatory documents and current organisational usage. A report is required that outlines revised policy documents and describes the implementation process.
Assessment Description
You are required to examine and review the MacVille policy and procedure documents (in the additional resources of your Student Workbook) to determine the shortfalls between required sustainable practices and documented approaches to the same. In doing this you will need to review current usage of resources to gain an understanding of potential for recommending change to organisational practices. After evaluation of this information, you will need to outline revised policy documents for MacVille together with a description of the approaches that can be taken to implementation of the revised policy documents.
identify and describe required sustainability initiatives for MacVille
research and describe best practice models relevant to the business sector, especially as it relates to this case study
identify and describe shortfalls in the existing policy and procedure documents, by comparing research and information supplied
Clearly identify and summarise the scope of changes and new documents required that will need to be made to the MacVille policy and procedure set to ensure compliance with requirements of future sustainability initiatives.
Identify and describe who could be consulted with to review and develop the revision and creation of policy documents. (This information should be included under the heading ‘Personnel Requirements.’ below).
Write an interim report, by providing two to three paragraphs of explanatory notes under each of the following headings:
Mac Ville sustainability initiatives Best practice models
Shortfalls in existing policy
New policy requiring development
Personnel requirements for policy revisions.
Develop a revised set of policy documents including:
completed changes to existing policy documents o outlines for recommended new policy documents.
Review the current resources usage for the organisation (as per the case study information attached)
Develop an implementation plan for the new and revised policy documents that includes:
description of the sustainability initiatives being implemented
detail of how the new sustainability initiatives have been embedded in the new or revised policy documents
an evaluation of the likely effectiveness of the initiatives
implementation time lines and milestones
sustainability or environmental targets and/or key performance indicators, compared to current resource usage
organisational costs for implementing the required changes
anoutlineofthemonitoringapproachestogatherreportinginformationthroughout the implementation stage
description of individual and team responsibilities throughout the implementation stage
description of how continuous improvement for the process will be managed. Specifications
You must provide:
 an interim report
 revised and new policy and procedure documents
 an implementation plan.
Adjustment for distance-based learners:
 no variation of the task is required
 a follow up interview may be required (at the discretion of the assessor)
 documentation can be submitted electronically or posted in the mail.
Your assessor will be looking for:
evidence that you have reviewed all legislative, regulatory and organisational documents 95 | P a g e
and identified shortfalls in current practice or current organisational documentation
evidence that you have reviewed current organisational usage and accurately reflected the case study information to develop an implementation plan that complements organisational requirements.
Case study
Seamus MacVille, the Business Manager of MacVille Enterprises has reviewed some of MacVille’s operations and has observed that resource use in the head office is not aligned with sustainable work practices being promoted by the Sustainability Team. He realises that this is at least partly due to existing MacVille policy and procedure documents not reflecting current business sector requirements. Some of the initiatives Seamus wants to see implemented include:
 re-programming of all air-conditioning services in the head office to be only active in normal business hours:
currently air-conditioners are manually switched on and off
Itistheresponsibilityofthelaststaffmemberleavingeachdaytoturnthemalloff- this is rarely done, and most commonly all air-conditioners are left running 24 hours per day.
 lights being switched off at night
 better sorting of recyclable paper from general rubbish
 encouraging staff use of dual-flush capability of toilets.
MacVille press release (#2010-37)
New environment approach for MacVille    January 18, 2010    Mary Belucci – Business Manager
The Steering Committee at MacVille Enterprises have today released information about a new direction the company is taking. MacVille is instituting a new work team within their head office with the objective of assisting MacVille to become a leading practitioner in triple bottom line sustainable practices within the coffee industry.
The team will be tasked to review work practices within all of MacVille’s activities, especially the coffee buying, roasting and coffee shops. They will be required to develop best practice models to increase sustainability practices across the organisation. This will involve training and educating all staff through use of internal professional development opportunities, newsletters and other similar approaches.
The work team is also required to develop materials to inform and educate clients and the general community about MacVille’s sustainable activities and encourage participation in activities and practices that lead to better environmental outcomes.
MacVille will be recruiting internal and external (yet to be advertised) staff to fill places in the new work team, and will require individuals capable of working within a team to investigate and solve problems. Vital to this team will be the inclusion of a highly skilled individual capable of reviewing highly technical documents and consequently developing plain language internal memos and external publicity materials.
     end of press release
Task 2 – Sustainability Policy
Your task is to write a sustainability policy for your business, a business you are familiar with or a simulated business. This policy must be formatted and professional and can be based on any sustainability area you would like to see implemented. To complete the task,
 Define scope of sustainability policy
 Gather information from a range of sources to plan and develop policy
 Identify and consult stakeholders as a key component of the policy development process
 Include appropriate strategies in policy at all stages of work for minimizing resource use,
reducing toxic material and hazardous chemical use, and employing life cycle management
 Make recommendations for policy options based on likely effectiveness, time frames and
 Develop policy that reflects the organisation’s commitment to sustainability as an integral
part of business planning and as a business opportunity
 Agree to appropriate methods of implementation
You will then need to identify how you will: Communicate the policy to stakeholders including:
 How will you promote the workplace sustainability policy, including its expected outcome to key stakeholders?
 How will you inform those involved in implementing the policy as to outcomes expected, activities to be undertaken and responsibilities assigned?
Implement the policy including:
 Developing and communicating procedures to help implement the workplace sustainability policy to staff and clients
 What strategies will you use for continuous improvement in resource efficiency
 Establish and assign responsibility to use recording systems for tracking continuous
improvements in sustainability approaches Review the policy implementation including:
 Documenting outcomes and providing feedback to key personnel and stakeholders
 Investigating successes or otherwise of policy
 How you will monitor records to identify trends that may require remedial action and use to promote continuous improvement of performance
 How you will modify policy and or procedures as required to ensure improvements are made Submit a report for assessment covering the requirements as outlined above.

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