Business Proposal Plan

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Business Proposal Plan
Business Overview:
Type of business and name?
Products and services of the business?
Which theory or model would you like to briefly add in to your business? (Example; porters 5 forces but find one related to opening a business for example).
Market Analysis:
Who will buy your product and services? (Target Audience)
How will they benefit from your product and services?
What is your mission statement?
Who are your competitors?
Why your business will be better than your competitors?
Marketing and Sales Plan:
How will your customers learn about your business? (Online, banners, advertising and etc)
How you’ll encourage customers to tell others about your business?
How much capital do you need and briefly why?
What are your plans for promotions and offers? (Short-term and long-term)
How will you operate your products and services to your customers?
Finally, what are your 3 goals of successful business for your customers?

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