cast of characters with basic descriptions

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To ensure your script is ready for the stage or screen, check to make sure it includes all of these elements. Revise your play to make sure it includes any items you cannot (yet) check off as complete.
____ a title
____ a cast of characters with basic descriptions
____ a description of the setting
An exposition that does the following:
______ clearly introduces the characters
______ introduces the setting through dialogue and stage directions
______ ends with the inciting incident
Rising action that does the following:
______ reveals aspects of relationships between characters
______ includes relevant obstacles that the characters must overcome
______ builds a logical series of events, through dialogue and actions
______ creates suspense that would keep an audience engaged
A climax and resolution that include the following:
______ include a decisive moment for the character
______ reveal what the characters learned
______ tie up any loose ends in the plot
______ guide the audience to the emotions you want them to feel
If there are any items that you cannot mark as complete, revise and rewrite those sections to include the elements that are missing.

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