China India Economy

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China India Economy
12 slides excluding reference and first page
every slide must contain proper notes
Team C: India Vs china
Research each economy assigned to your Team. Compare similarities and differences between your assigned countries/economies and how their economic, political, and cultural development since 1992 has influenced their economic growth and trade competitiveness.
Use tables and/or graphs to support your analysis of the following economic statistics/indicators of your two assigned economies through the most recent year available since 2009 (the trough of the last economic cycle). Whenever possible, plot the metric for both economies on the same chart.
o GDP per capita growth over time
o Inflation rate over time
o Unemployment rate over time
o Exports as a % of GDP over time
o National government debt as a % of GDP
Evaluate the reasons why the economic growth of the two economies/countries varied.
Discuss how international trade influenced the strength of each economy. 
Discuss the role of value chains and value-added production.
Analyze how the failure to use value-added trade measures distorts trade statistics. For
example, Boeing and Airbus airliners, Apple iPad and iPhone production, and North
American integrated auto and light truck manufacturing.
Examine at least two industries that have provided each economy a comparative
advantage in world trade.
Cite at least two academically credible sources.  
Format your citations according to APA guidelines. 

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