CIS 4403 – Cloud Computing market demand curve for a ‘normal’ good shift market demand curve for a ‘normal’ good shift ESTIMATIN…

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Computer and Information System
Coursework Assessment
CIS 4403 – Cloud Computing
Assessment Method
Practical Examination
Date of Assessment
28th October 2020
Duration / Deadline(s)
90 minutes
Maximum Mark
% of Final Grade
Instructions to Students Internet access is ONLY allowed to Amazon Web Services.This is an open book exam. You may ONLY access hardcopies of course & lab material.Mobile phones and electronic devices are not allowed in exams.You may not leave your room for any reason during the test.  If you leave the exam room, your test is over, and you may not return to the exam.Show all your work by taking print screen shots.Your teacher will not answer any content related questions. Sign the statement below and write your Student ID and Full Name.
Academic Honesty Statement In accordance with HCT policy LP201- Academic Honesty • Students are required to refrain from all forms of academic dishonesty as defined and explained in HCT procedures and directions from HCT personnel. • A student found guilty of having committed acts of academic dishonesty may be subject to one or more of the disciplinary measures as outlined in Article 33 of the Student and Academic Regulations. إفادة الأمانة الأكاديمية وفقًا لسياسة كليات التقنية العليا – LP201 الأمانة الأكاديمية • يُطلب من الطلبة الامتناع عن كافة أشكال سوء الأمانة الأكاديمية، كما هو مبيّن وموضح في السياسات والإجراءات الخاصة بكليات التقنية العليا، والتوجيهات الصادرة من موظفي الكليات. • في حالة ارتكاب الطالب أي شكل من أشكال سوء الأمانة الأكاديمية سوف يتعرض الى واحد أو أكثر من التدابير التأديبية على النحو المبين في المادة 33 من الأنظمة الأكاديمية. Signature: _________________  
Student HCT ID:  ______h00372102_________________

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Student Name:  ______juma khalifa_______________________________________
      1.You will need to access to your instance public IP address or public DNS name 2.Start Putty 3.Choose the created key and load it the category select session and type in the host name field the IP address for the public key.                                                        
**************************************  END OF EXAM ****************************************

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