CIS8025 Assignment 3

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CIS8025 Assignment 3 (Due Date 13/10/2020; Weighting 50%; 3000 words)
Relates to Modules 1 to 10, more particularly Modules 7-10 and all course objectives:
1. synthesize academic and professional knowledge of recent developments in big data
visualisation design principles;
2. evaluate relationships between big data and visualisation design concepts;
3. explore and apply big data conversion into visual forms for decision-making purposes;
4. critique innovative visualisation approaches to provide solutions to real-world problems;
5. analyse potential opportunities for creative and sustainable use of big data visualisation to
achieve corporate objectives;
6. use big data visualisation to communicate information to specialist and non-specialist
7. make ethical decisions in regards to privacy and security in Big Data Visualisation projects.
Note you must use Tableau Desktop for Task 3 in Assignment 3. Failure to do so may result in Task
3 not being marked and zero marks awarded for Task 3.
Note carefully University policy on Academic Misconduct such as plagiarism, collusion and cheating.
Your Assignment 3 submission is automatically submitted to and checked in Turnitin for academic
integrity when you submit your Assignment 3 via the course study Assignment 3 submission link. If
any of these occur they will be found and dealt with by the USQ Academic Integrity Procedures. If
proven, Academic Misconduct may result in failure of an individual assessment, the entire course or
exclusion from a University program or programs.
Assignment 3 consists of three Tasks.
Task 1 Big data Visualisation Tools (30 Marks)
Task 1.1 Identify and describe one (1) commercial data visualisation tool and one (1) open source
data visualisation tool in terms of data visualisation capabilities that each provides (10 marks 500
Task 1.2 Conduct and summarise the key results of an evaluation of each data visualisation tool (one
commercial data visualisation tool, one open source data visualisation tool) comparative to data
visualisation tool Tableau Desktop using DataVisualisationToolRubric.xlsx provided for this
Assignment 3 (10 marks)
Task 1.3 Discuss two key advantages and disadvantages of each data visualisation tool (commercial,
open source, Tableau) evident from applying DataVisualisationRubric.xlsx (Score 3 or 4 for a specific
criteria etc) (10 marks 500 words)
Task 2 Big Data Visualisation Implementation Plan (25 Marks)
Select one of the data visualisation tools other than Tableau Desktop evaluated in Task 1 and explain
how you will implement and encourage the adoption and use of this data visualisation tool (this
could be in your own organisation or in a fictitious organisation) Your discussion should be
structured to address these issues: Software and Hardware Requirements, Licensing, Training, and
How Information Security and Privacy Compliance would be enforced using this data visualisation
tool (25 marks 1000 words)
Task 3 Dashboard Data Visualisation in Practice with Tableau (30 marks, 1000 words)
Queensland Car Crashes Data set (qldcrashes.csv) will be used for Assignment 3 Task 3 to implement
four different Tableau views of the qldcrashes.csv data set specified in Assignment 2 This data set
consists of 53 variables, over 300,000 Crime records for a 16 year period 2001 to 2016.
Task 3.1 Tableau Desktop Graph/Table View that highlights an important crash trend and/or pattern
with brief accompanying description (4 marks 50 words)
Task 3.2 Tableau Desktop Graph/Table View that highlights another important trend and/or pattern
with brief accompanying description (4 marks 50 words)
Task 3.3 Tableau Desktop Graph/Table View that highlights another important trend and/or pattern
with brief accompanying description (4 marks 50 words)
Task 3.4 Tableau Desktop View that uses geomapping to highlight another important trend and/or
pattern by location with a brief accompanying description (4 Marks 50 words)
Task 3.5 Tableau Dashboard, Justification for Dashboard Design
Provide a screen capture of your Queensland Car Crashes (QCC) Dashboard, describe and justify in
detail, the design and functionality of your CPC Dashboard emphasising the purpose of the four
Tableau Desktop views to support the decision making of the Queensland transport authority in
proactively managing car crash incidents and hotspots in drawing on relevant good dashboard
design literature (14 marks 800 words)
Assignment 3 Report Quality: Structure, Presentation, Writing, Referencing, (15 Marks)
Reference list and Appendices are not included in Word count
Report structure
• Cover page
• Title of Contents
• Body of Report with relevant Task headings
• Task 1
• Task 2
• Task 3, Task 3.1, Task 3.2, Task 3.3, Task 3.4 and Task 3.5
• References
• Appendices
Report presentation use of appropriate font and line spacing (12 pt New Times Roman 1.5 spacing
etc), tables and figures with captions where required
Writing style should be clear and concise, audience would be middle to senior management, free
from spelling and grammatical errors
Referencing should use Harvard AGPS referencing style with key sources acknowledged with in-text
referencing where required in body of report and a complete reference list provided at end of the
Note: Reference list and Appendices not included in word count for Assignment 3 report
Three files must be submitted for Assignment 3:
1. Assignment 3 Report for Tasks 1, 2 and 3 in Word document format with extension .docx
2. Tableau packaged workbook file extension .twbx contains four (4) required Tableau Text
Table / Graph workbooks and CPC Dashboard for Task 3 3.
3. Completed DataVisualisationToolRubric.xlsx
You must use following file naming conventions:
1. Student_no_Student_name_CIS8025_Ass3.docx
2. Student_no_Student_name_CIS8025_Ass3.twbx
3. Student_no_Student_name_CIS8025_DataVisualisationToolRubric.xlsx
You must use Harvard referencing style – Harvard referencing resources
Install a bibliography referencing tool – Endnote which integrates with your word processor.
Or alternatively use an online citation tool such as or You Cite This For Me
USQ Library – how to reference correctly using Harvard referencing system

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