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CliftonStrengths® DomainsWhile each theme has its own power and edge, it’s useful to think about how your CliftonStrengths themes helpyou execute, influence others, build relationships and absorb and think about information.
Relationship Building
Strategic Thinking
Those with dominantthemes in the Executingdomain know how tomake things happen.When the team needssomeone to implementa solution, these are thepeople who will worktirelessly to get it done.Those with a strength toexecute have the abilityto “catch” an idea andmake it a reality.
Those with dominantthemes in theInfluencing domainhelp their team reach amuch broader audience.These individuals cansell the team’s ideasinside and outside theorganization. When theteam needs someoneto take charge, speakup, and make sure thegroup is heard, lookto someone with thestrength to influence.
Those with dominantthemes in theRelationship Buildingdomain can providethe essential glue tohold a team together.Without these strengthson a team, in manycases, the group issimply a composite ofindividuals. In contrast,team members withexceptional RelationshipBuilding strength havethe unique ability tohelp the group becomemuch greater than thesum of its parts.
Those with dominantStrategic Thinkingthemes are the oneswho keep the teamfocused on what couldbe. They are constantlyabsorbing and analyzinginformation and helpingthe team make betterdecisions. People withstrength in this domaincontinually stretchthe team’s thinking forthe future.
These four domains describe how CliftonStrengths themes help you make things happen, influence others, buildrelationships and work with information.Don’t allow these domains to limit how you use each CliftonStrengths theme. Instead, use them as a way to thinkabout how you use your CliftonStrengths themes every day and how you can intentionally use your themes tomake significant contributions.Copyright © 2000, 2020 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. CliftonStrengths® is a trademark of Gallup, Inc.Strengths_GA_Domains_en-US_110217N_bk

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