Coding logic design and implementation

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Coding logic design and implementation
Your first assignment will require you to develop a results processing system for the Olympic Games in both ASP.Net (ASP.Net inline Coding) and PHP, giving you an opportunity to see two web scripting languages in action. You will be provided with an input form for both ASP.Net and PHP, from which you must develop a logically designed script which validates and processes the incoming data, presenting the results to screen.
Your use of Functions, Control Structures, Input Validation, Conditions, and basic numerical calculations will form the core of each ASP.NET/PHP script.
Your task is to create an ASP.Net (incline coding) and PHP page that reads in the data from the attached forms, validates the data (looking for physical and logical errors), then
process the data and outputs a score summary based on medals won by country. Your script is required to process the input of any of the rows which have data in them (and ignore those that do not).
The following screenshot shows some of the fields in the input form;
As you can see by the form, it is not very attractive or advanced, however, this is the
form you must work with. You are not to change the form in any way as part of your
The minimum validation you need to perform includes;
The Year of Games must be a 4 digit number
City of Games must be text only and not blank
Commence Date and End Date must not be blank, must be in proper date format of DD/MM/YYYY and the Commence Date must be before the End Date
Competitor name cannot be blank, must be at least 5 characters in length and contain no numbers
Medal must be G for Gold, S for Silver or B for Bronze and cannot be blank or numeric
World Record must be Y for Yes or N for No and cannot be blank or numeric
Your job is to write each of your scripts according to the following business logic;
You are to read in all the results in the form and then tally up the list of countries and their Gold, Silver and Bronze medals plus their total number of medals
This list is to be presented in order of most through least medals
Where two (or more) countries have exactly the same medal count and type of medals then they have to have the same position number on the ladder (ie if they are both 8th, then both need to have 8 in front of their name) and appear in alphabetical order
Below the list of medal winning countries, we also want a list of Athletes who have set a world record (and for what sport)
Quality assignments will include the use of functions or procedures in order to modularize code, and code commenting should be used to internally explain different  parts of the code. Your input validation messaging should be precise and efficient – not ‘there was an error’ type stuff.
Students are not to change the original HTML forms as provided, as a part of the task is to code ‘around’ what are pretty basic html forms that have no client-side validation at all.

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