COM 590

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COM 590Assignment 2
Answer all Five (5) questions.
·Submission Requirementsü All sentences must be grammatically correct, and free from spellingerrors.ü Your answer for questions 1 to 4 should not exceed 250 words.ü Your answer for question 5 should not exceed 500 words.ü Submit a Single Microsoft Word Document.ü Font:Times New Roman, Size 12, Double-Space.ü Cite all references used in APA format.
1.Do employees behave differently in a flatversus a hierarchical organizational structure? Explain your answer.
2.Do employee personality types differ betweenhierarchical and flat organizations?
3.What is difficult about policy implementationin a flat organization? What is difficult about policy implementation in a hierarchicalorganization?
4.How do you overcome employee apathy towardpolicy compliance?
5.Create a policy framework implementation planfor the fictional Specialty Medical Clinic (the plan should not be longer than twopages). The Specialty Medical Clinic is being acquired by a larger parentorganization under HIPAA compliance law. The parent organization is ahierarchical structure with multiple departments and clinics. The medicalclinic is a flat organization. Following is an outline of those areas of theplan you need to include:
Parent Medical ClinicAcquires Specialty Medical Clinic
Publish Your Policies for the NewClinicExplain your strategy.
Communicate Your Policies to the NewClinic EmployeesHow are you going to do this?
Involve Human Resources and ExecutiveManagementHow do you do this smoothly?
Incorporate Security Awareness andTraining for the New ClinicHow can you make this fun andengaging?
Release a Monthly Organization-WideNewsletter for AllHow can you make this newslettersuccinct?
Implement Security Reminders on SystemLogon Screens for AllThis is for access to sensitivesystems only.
Incorporate Ongoing Security PolicyMaintenance for AllReview and obtain feedback from employeesand policy-compliance monitoring.
Obtain Employee Questions or Feedbackfor Policy Board{Review and incorporate into policyedits and changes as nee

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