Company Profile The Company fleet consist of

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Company Profile The Company fleet consist of:60 Transit Vans20 SUV vehicles20 light (cars) vehiclesYour investigation report should be presented to the Highlanders Courier Limited Leadership team on 15th June, 2018. The report should consist of a minimum of 3500 words and not exceeding 4500 words.Evidence of work Examples of evidence that you need to include in your report are animated AVI file, references to the work you have developed. This include: Vehicle broachers, vehicle leasing criteria’s, vehicle insurance, other support provided by the suppliers (Backup maintenance support), re sale value upon completing of required cycle by the company and vehicle legislation requirement by NZLTA.Due 15 June 2018CAUserAjtawaketiniDesktopAPTE 6513AssessmentAPTE 6513 Vehicle fleetDesinna and selection assessment package 2018..docx 8Scanned with CamScanner

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