Comparative Healthcare Systems

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Comparative Healthcare Systems
Assessment Format
Title: Using comparative methodology, compare and contrast the contributions of ONE stakeholder in the United Kingdom’s and United States of America’s healthcare systems.
Choose ONE stakeholder from the following –
• Government
• Private Sector
Word count: 3000
Format: Embed the headings below in bold into your work and write under these headings. Use the non-bold itemised instructions to guide you in what to write about in each section.
Cover Page: Anglia Ruskin University London, School of Health and Social Care, Module name: Comparative Healthcare Systems, Module code: MOD005916, Student ID: and Submission Date:
An Executive Summary: This section is a summary of your main points and findings. Write this section once you have finished writing the report.
Introduction: (200 words)
Define what is meant by Healthcare systems and what is meant by “Stakeholders” using a reputable citation and briefly give the importance of stakeholders in healthcare systems.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), provide examples of stakeholders in healthcare.
Define what comparative research methodology and include some of the advantages and disadvantage of using comparative analysis in healthcare using credible academic sources.
Clearly mention the Stakeholder in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA) that you will be comparing and contrasting in the report. You are required to CHOOSE ONE STAKEHOLDER (Government OR Private Sector).
Signpost the reader that you will comparing and contrasting the roles and responsibilities of your chosen Stakeholder in healthcare and how the roles and responsibilities contribute to improve health outcomes.
Findings (2500 words):
Identify the roles and responsibilities of the Stakeholder using 8-10 or more peer review sources (e.g., Journal articles, a combination of government papers, legislation, reports and research papers).
Use sub-section, state the role and responsibilities (in regular paragraph format as you would any assessment) and then compare and contrast how the Stakeholder in similar or different in the UK and the USA. In your analysis, provide examples or evidence of the stakeholder’s activities at a national and local level in both countries.
Tips for your Findings
Consider the following when identifying the contributions of the stakeholder in the UK and the USA:
How has the stakeholder (either Government or Private Sector) in both countries contributed to service delivery in healthcare? Identify the roles and responsibilities (Prevention and Control of Infectious of Diseases, Promotion of Health, Curative, Rehabilitation and Palliative care)?
To what extent has the stakeholder in both countries addressed issues related to the SIX Dimensions of Quality in Care? – Are there any similarities and difference?
How has the stakeholder in both countries played their roles and responsibilities in financing the health system? Identify the total healthcare expenditure and whether it is a universal coverage. Consider the sources of revenue for healthcare, allocation of the resources and cost control. What are the implications on ability to pay, quality of services and care and access to care?
Has the stakeholder play a role in the health workforce in the health system? How has the stakeholder regulated the training and code of conducts of the healthcare professionals?
Identify the role and responsibilities of the stakeholder in the supply, availability and safety of essential medicine.
Has the stakeholder increased access to health information systems that enable for evidence for healthcare planning and decision-making of the population’s healthcare needs?
Identify the role and how the stakeholder in both countries have been involved in leadership and governance in term of national health policies (i.e. reducing health inequalities, and other factors that affect population health outcomes), compare and contrast.
Conclusion (150 words)
1. Present a summary of report focusing on the contents analysed in the report. Do not introduce anything that is different from what have been analysed in the report.
Recommendations: (150 words)
Make suggestions about the finding based on variations and how they might improve population health outcomes of the country.
References: (8-10 or More)
Ensure that you use ARU Harvard Reference style.

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