Compare the lumped mass of exact real-dynamic model

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1. Figure 3 indicates one length of 381 mm connector rod has ajism, m3 =4.738 kg. jisim Moment of Inertia is IG3= 0.115 kgm2. The Gravity Center (CG) is at 0.25l from the crank point at point A.Speed anglecrank?=2000rpmandangle crank (crank) ?= 45°.long crank, r= 101.6 mm, mass, m2= 8.756 kg, Mass moment of inertia IG2= 0.0452 kgm2. The gravity center of the crank is at 0.40 r from the main on of the O2 point.Massconnecting road, m4= 2.1kg.
1. Compare the lumped mass of the exact real-dynamic model with the approximate dynamic model at point B, and crank the pin at point A.
2. Calculate and evaluate the mass moment of inertia from approximate dynamic model in percentage of original mass of inertial moment.

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