Complex health issues case study

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Frequently asked questions
Assessment item 1 – Complex health issues case study
What format should the assignment be presented in?
Use paragraphs and clear introductory sentences in your assignment.
You are not required to include a formal introduction or conclusion.
You need to present referenced responses in full sentences and paragraphs (No dot points).
The assignment is asking you to respond to 3 parts. You will need to make it clear to the marker
which case scenario (cardiac scenario or palliative care scenario or stroke scenario) you have chosen
to base your assignment on.
Headings can be used in the assignment, for example:
Part one
Part two
Part three
How many health issues should I identify in part 1?
You will need to identify 3 patient health issues in order to respond adequately to part 1 of the
What case scenarios can I choose from?
Choose ONE of the case scenarios (cardiac scenario or palliative care scenario or stroke scenario)
State the case scenario that you have chosen at the beginning of your written assignment.
The case scenarios are available on Canvas (Assessment information)
What are the standards and health policies referring to in part 3?
As RN’s we practice in accordance with the RN Standards for Practice and Code of conduct and
adhere to NSW health policy, A-G Algorithm, National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS)
standards as we deliver patient care.
What types of references can I use in my assignment?
The following is a list of examples:
• Text books
• Journal articles
• RN Standards for Practice
• NSW health policy
• Government policy
• Australian resuscitation council
• NSW detect program
• A-G algorithm
• Between the flags framework
• National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards
• Reputable or government websites
How many references do I need to include?
One reference per 100 – 150 words is acceptable. The word limit for this assignment is 1500 words.
Can I use text books as a reference?
Yes you can use text books to reference information you use in this assignment along with journal
articles and reputable or government websites.

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