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Choose a situation with which you are familiar, preferably work-related. Following the
guidance given in the notes, establish a comprehensive risk register for that situation including
both energy and non-energy Threats. Explain your overall thinking. A table is a good way to
list entries. Provide a brief description or explanation of the entries. [15]
b) In the notes some examples are given of possible qualities of individual risk register entries.
Consider these, or others you may feel more relevant to the entries you have and add at least
two of them to your risk register and show how they are relevant to each of the entries. [5]
c) Read the case study appended. In the context of the Module 3 notes, consider how you would
go about justifying the expenditure of $600,000 on the provision of intrinsically safe electrical
equipment in the mine. [20] 
Decide on a set of parameters you will use to enable you to distinguish the relative significance
of the entries in your risk register. Justify your selection. Establish a Nominal and a related
Ordinal scale suited to each of these parameters. A good Nominal scale is one that is not
ambiguous – each item in the scale is clearly different from the others. Use these on each
entry in your risk register. Decide on a suitable algorithm to enable a single Ordinal number to
be determined for each register entry and list the Risks in ranker number order. [15]
b) Select the most significant risk derived as above and develop a set of risk factors for it. Justify
your choice of factors. For each of the factors, develop both a Nominal and an associated
Ordinal scale. [15] 
i. Define the appropriate Event and draw, with brief written explanation, a Mechanism
analysis logic diagram for the coal mine case study below. [15 marks]
ii. If you were to draw an Outcome Analysis (aka Event Analysis) for this case, what would
the questions be on which the analysis diagram was based? [7 marks]
iii. Draw an Outcome Analysis diagram for the case based on those questions

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