concept of business ethics

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u should complete your answers on a separate piece of paper with the questions numbers clearly shown.1. Discuss in around a paragraph the concept of business ethics.2. Discuss the two elements of ethical leadership.3. Briefly describe three characteristics of an ethical leader.4. Briefly list three benefits of ethical leadership.5. Discuss four (4) styles of leadership and the impact each style can have on staff.6. Discuss in at least one paragraph a leadership theory and its application to the workplace.7. Discuss at least three strategies that can be used to encourage employee participation in decision-making.8. Discuss three factors that you might consider when deciding on a change management strategy?9. Discuss three strategies that a leader can use for building trust and confidence with colleagues.10. Briefly discuss at least two benefits of networking.11. List five pieces of legislation that a manager must be aware of and apply.12. What are three benefits for following anti-discrimination law and providing equal opportunity?13. What are three costs of not following anti-discrimination law or providing equal opportunity?

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