concept of evidence-based policy

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This assignment requires students to critically evaluate the concept of evidence-based policy-making (EBPM). You should: Explain what EBPM means (you could briefly include a discussion of its origins). Explain why it has become fashionable in recent years; and Critically assess whether the rise of EBPM has resulted in more use of better research in public policy (impact on policy). Here are some hints and suggestions: Use the Head reading as a starting point. Note that EBPM may mean different things to different people. This disagreement is important. Do note it. Make sure you have an argument or thesis statement and clearly state this in your introduction. If you do not what an argument is, consult this site: Use regular paragraphs, not short one to two sentence paragraphs. Evaluation criteria for written assignments In all of your written work for this course, the instructor will be looking for evidence of clarity, synthesis, analysis, critical thinking and creative thinking. The instructor has defined these criteria as follows: Clarity: You write in a straightforward style, avoiding jargon where possible. Cliches, hackneyed expressions, vague prescriptions, and platitudes are avoided. Synthesis: You include concepts, terms, and ideas from the text, our weekly discussions, and the (optional) weekly applied activities or case studies. Analysis: You gather and report evidence from the case that supports (or refutes) what you have been learning from the text, from our weekly discussions and activities and how that integrates (or not) with your personal and career experiences to date. Critical thinking: You look for “what could go wrong?” or “what if?” or “what’s missing?” in the case or article. Creative thinking: You use fresh, inventive language. You take new approaches, you are imaginative in your thoughts or you look for the unusual, fun or unexpected in the case or article. Writing Standards Strong writing skills and the ability to organize and communicate information effectively are integral elements of a manager’s toolbox. As a result, the course requires that students write and present information to professional standards. Part of a grade for an assignment/exam will include evaluation of writings skills. Unless otherwise expressly stated, all written work must be: free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors; within the limit for a number of words; and written in complete sentences and paragraphs with an essay structure. This means that each assignment will have an introduction, body, and conclusion: point form will not be accepted.

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