Consumer satisfaction

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63. (p. 564) Consumer satisfaction:
A. is a highly reliable standard for evaluating macro-marketing effectiveness.
B. is easy to measure because it is a highly personal concept.
C. is the objective of all macro-marketing systems.
D. depends on consumers’ level of expectation.
E. None of the above is true.
64. (p. 564) Consumer satisfaction:
A. is the basic objective of all economic systems.
B. is easier to measure at the macro-level than at the micro-level.
C. depends on one’s own expectations and aspirations.
D. is hard to define.
E. is totally unrelated to company profits.
65. (p. 564) When evaluating macro-marketing:
A. the evaluation is necessarily subjective.
B. the best approach is to consider the profit generated by individual firms within the overall system.
C. one must determine how efficiently the society’s resources are used.
D. one must consider each individual firm’s role in the marketing system.
E. All of the above are true.
66. (p. 564) MACRO-marketing:
A. is probably best evaluated by how individual consumer-citizens vote.
B. can be evaluated with quantitative measures of consumer satisfaction.
C. is concerned with how efficiently individual companies use their resources.
D. is easier to evaluate than micro-marketing.
E. All of the above.
67. (p. 564) MICRO-marketing effectiveness is ______________ to measure than MACRO-marketing effectiveness.
A. harder
B. not any easier or harder
C. easier
68. (p. 564-565) MICRO-marketing effectiveness can be measured by:
A. the profits of business firms.
B. the opinions of intermediaries.
C. consumer complaints.
D. attitude research studies.
E. All of the above.
69. (p. 564-565) A national restaurant chain encourages its customers to use its Web site as a means of providing comments about their experiences at the chain’s locations. This Web site is one way of measuring:
A. Macro-marketing effectiveness.
B. The effectiveness of competition.
C. Employee empowerment.
D. Micro-marketing effectiveness.
E. None of the above.
70. (p. 565) In the U.S. market-directed system, it is up to each _____ to decide how effectively individual firms satisfy the consumer’s needs.
A. market research consultant
B. customer
C. manufacturer
D. advertising agency
E. salesperson
71. (p. 565) _____ can be used as a rough measure of a firm’s efficiency in satisfying customers.
A. Production
B. The marketing mix
C. Profits
D. Macro-marketing
E. Returns
72. (p. 565) Satisfaction with a firm’s marketing efforts can be roughly measured by
A. its profit.
B. the firm’s impact on the macro-marketing system.
C. the size of its target markets.
D. All of the above 

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