continuing of 536627 asignment

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As we discussed on phone please ask same expert to do this task. Hello this is TASK 2, continuing of 536627 asignment which we gave 2 weeks before. Dear, For your task 2, review in detail the paper we have attached and see how the RFID is integrated with different wireless devices (especially Class 2 and Class 3), review in detail about Wi-Fi technology and protocols and then based on the attached paper, evaluate how RFID can be used with Wi-Fi. Then, complete the following task: 1. Summarize the attached paper with focus on how RFID is integrated with different wireless devices and technologies. 2. Discuss in detail about different Wi-Fi protocols, data rate and also types of antenna used for Wi-Fi communication. 3. Based on the attached paper and knowledge of Wi-Fi technology, discuss in detail about how RFID can be used with Wi-Fi.  NOW AFTER COMPLETING TASK 2, you have to make 20 slides of POWERPOINT PRESENTATION from TASK 1 AND TASK 2. ( Task 1 is 536627 Assignment ) So you need to give 1500 words of this task 2 and additional ppt slides i.e. 20. In that slide please add some part of introduction and summary of Master Project 1 i.e. 177445 Assignment. ( I am sending you an Attachment as well of Master Project 1 File ). Deadline Tuesday. Thank you, Rohit

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