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Students: Please fill out this cover sheet clearly and accurately for this task.
Make sure you have kept a copy of your work.
Date of birth:
Student ID:
Unit: BSBSUS601 Develop and implement corporate social responsibility
Student to complete
Assessor to complete
Assessment Task
Corporate Social Responsibility Project

I ____________________declare that these tasks are my own work.
None of this work has been completed by any other person.
I have not cheated or plagiarised the work or colluded with any other student/s.
I have correctly referenced all resources and reference texts throughout these assessment tasks.
I understand that if I am found to be in breach of policy, disciplinary action may be taken against me.
Student signature:
Student name:
Assessors: Please return this cover sheet to the student with assessment results and feedback.
A copy must be supplied to the office and kept in the student’s file with the evidence.
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Task Summary:
This assessment task requires you to conduct research and develop a Context report for a fictitious business Aroma Café. In the later parts you are required to develop a CSR policy along with its implementation plan. You are required to conduct evaluation for the policy developed based on the further instructions
You must then present the report in a professional clear and concise manner.
What do I need in order to complete this assessment?
Access to a computer with the Internet and software such as Microsoft Office
Aroma Cafe Case Study
Assessment Instructions
What do I need to do if I get something wrong?
If your assessor sees that you have not completed all parts of the task completely and satisfactorily, the details of resubmission will be discussed with you. You will only need to redo the parts of the task that are incorrect; however, you will need to resubmit the entire assessment.
What to submit
Part A
Research Report
Part B
CSR Policy
Part C
Implementation Plan (Template Provided)
Part D
Evaluation Report
PART A – Research
The CEO, Samantha Smith would like the organization to get involved into more responsible and sustainable practices. The organization would like to review and improve the company’s CSR activities.
As an operations Manager you have been asked to identify the context for the Corporate Social Responsibility.
Prepare a report with your analysis and recommend the opportunities for more responsible practices that Aroma Cafe can adopt.
Read the Case study carefully and review the scenario information provided
Prepare a research report. The report must be as per the style guide and must cover the following.
The environment and organisational context for CSR. Include the areas of CSR which are relevant to company goals and the reasons why you think so.
You must cover the
Social Aspects
Minimum of 3 Drivers for CSR for Aroma Cafe with reasons
Outline the key legislations, regulations, standards and code of practices that may impact the CSR
Outline the benefits of implementing the CSR that you can foresee in your research
Outline the opportunities related to each of the below practices that Aroma Cafe can implement
Human rights practices
Labour practices
Environmental practices
Fair trading practices
Consumer relations practices
Community involvement and development practices
Outline the barriers for developing and implementing CSR policy at Aroma Bean
Identify the stakeholders that you will consult for developing and implementing the CSR
Identify 2 effective forms of engagement for each group of the stakeholders.
PART B – Developing Policy
Based on the case study information and your research form the task 1, Develop CSR policy for Aroma Café
The policy must cover following elements
Describe the purpose of the policy
Outline the scope
Outline the policy statement
Outline the strategies related to
Human rights practices
Labour practices
Environmental practices
Fair trading practices
Consumer relations practices
Community involvement and development practices
Describe the supporting policies relate to the CSR
PART C – Implementation
Prepare the action plan, communication plan and education plan for the strategies related to the following in the Implementation plan template provided.
Human rights practices
Labour practices
Environmental practices
Fair trading practices
Consumer relations practices
Community involvement and development practices
PART D – Evaluation
Assume that It’s now been 6 months since you implemented your implementation plan for Aroma Café.You have collected the data as follows: A CSR has been developed and implemented The Suggestions from 278 customers, 35 employees and 170 Social media respondents was collected. Electricity use has decreased by 8% Traditional dairy Milk consumption as reduced by 10% and Oat milk , Soy milk options have been promoted where their consumption has gone up by 8% Aroma Cafe has created a suitability initiative and was featured on the local news on social media. This has reached around 80000 people over Australia. The Market share has gone up by 3% The Customer satisfaction reviews have gone up by 9.2% Local suppliers for the bio degradable cups are being shortlisted for each city.The Coffee Sales for the following regions were as follows Sydney : +4% Canberra: + 2.2% Melbourne : +1% Gold coast : +5%
What do you need to submit?
You are required to submit a detailed 2 pages evaluation report for the Aroma Café CSR Policy.
Evaluate the above benefits of the CSR and make a comparative analysis against the organizational goals.
Provide the recommendations related to any changes required in the implementation plan

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