Costly discipleship

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An Open InvitationThe most significant insight from class is the importance of costly discipleship. There is a verse from Luke that is very convicting it says this about costly discipleship, “Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple.Whoever does not carry the cross and follow me cannot be my disciple” (NRSV, Luke 14:26-27). Costly discipleship makes all the difference in my life because it hits the exact thing that I am not willing to let go of. This verse shows me exactly what is hardest for me to give up and that is my family. It is good to read things like in the bible because we need to be challenged in order to see where we stand in our faith and who we have on our throne. Jesus wants the throne and he will not accept anything less. 
My biggest surprise is the way in which God works. Even though I know God is all-powerful and all-knowing when I learn about how intricate his plans are for his people and just how much he loves us I continue to be surprised. I am also surprised at how I can read the same bible stories yet get different things out of it every time I read it. The stories never get old because the Bible is God’s living word.
The question that still remains is what next? Although I have this new knowledge about who Jesus is and what discipleship looks like I am unsure of where I go from here. I feel empowered when I am learning about the plans God has for us but I get stuck on the next step I am supposed to take. 
Week 8 Discussion
As you consider the lessons of this class, what is your most significant insight? What difference does it make to you?
The most significant insight that I gained was the examination of the the Holy Spirit has. I felt like I had a lack of understanding of the purpose and of the possibilities of the Spirit until learning as much as I did this semester. It astonished me the ways of God and how He utilizes the Spirit as a means of expanding His kingdom. It was great to read and get insight on something so crucial to His plan.
What was your biggest surprise?
My biggest surprise was what I felt was the most significant insight that I gained which was the wonders the Holy Spirit. I felt like how could I be so taken aback about the power that the Spirit possesses when it comes from God? It was really great to gain so much intel about one of the three trinities so that for the future I can see and process better when it comes to my role in His plan.
What questions still remain?
Questions that still remain are just pertaining to the ways and wonders of God and trying to understand more so the requirements and guidelines to being a true disciple. Thinking of this, I understand how these questions can only be answered by studying more and engrossing myself more into His word to strengthen my relationship with Him.

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