Coursework ANALYSIS 300600Mechatronic System Design TACC601 (NA) Principles of Accounting TACC606 _2021S2 Assignment information…

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Coursework Assessment Brief
Assessment Details
Module Title:
Managing service operations
Module Code:
Module Leader:
Assessment Title:
A Critical Evaluation of Management Theory
Assessment Number:
Assessment Type:
Restrictions on Time/Word Count:
2000 words (+/- 10%)
Consequence of not meeting time/word count limit:
There is no penalty for submitting below the word/count limit, but students should be aware that there is a risk they may not maximise their potential mark. Assignments should be presented appropriately in line with the restrictions stated above; if an assignment exceeds the time/word count this will be taken in account in the marks given using the assessment criteria shown. 
Assessment Weighting:
Issue Date:
Hand In Date:
Planned Feedback Date:
Mode of Submission:
Anonymous Marking 
This assessment:(a)   Will be marked anonymously or 

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Assessment Task
Write a 2000 word essay using a title from a selection of options.  You must link theory to practice by providing a context to an organisation of your choice within your area of degree study.
Your work must not simply describe theory as this will not satisfy the assessment requirements for this particular unit at this level.  You must link theory to practice, critique theories and their application to particular settings and make reference to published material throughout your work.
The essay topic is:
It is the managers responsibility to motivate their staff. Critically discuss this statement. Critical essay on Hilton Hotels. Reference list has to be Harvard style.

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