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CPPDSM4007A Identify legal and ethical requirements of propertymanagement to complete agency workCPPDSM4007A – THEORY ACTIVITIES –Q 1: Briefly discuss the objective of property management in real estate.Q 2: What does asset management in real estate mean?Q 3: Briefly discuss some of the Australian Government’s most importantroles and responsibilities regarding commonwealth property management.Q 4: What is the anti-discrimination law directed by the Real Estate Instituteof Australia (REIA) regarding the selection of tenants by the agent and thelessor?Q 5: Differentiate between long term lease and periodic lease according tothe Residential Tenancy Act of Australia.Q 6: List some of the essential principles of effective property management.Q 7: What are real estate agents’ obligations regarding consumer protectiondirected by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)?Q 8: Briefly discuss the most efficient ways of building rapport with clients.Q 9: Briefly discuss some of the effective ways of identifying listingopportunities in real estate.Q 10: Name some of the important real estate supporting documents.Q 11: What are some of the effective strategies for marketing property.Q 12: Briefly discuss the steps involved in leasing property in Australia.Q 13: Briefly discuss the most efficient and recent ways of storing statutoryand agency leasing documents.Q 14: Briefly discuss the scope of leased property management.Q 15: What should a lease termination notice contain?Q 16: What type of forms/documents can be used to end the tenancyagreement between a tenant and the landlord.Q 17: What is the importance of a security bond in the property industry?Q 18: Briefly discuss the legal procedure of distribution of trust money inproperty.Q 19: Briefly discuss what financials are needed for a commercial lease?Q 20: Briefly discuss the roles and responsibilities of real estate agents.Q 21: Differentiate between flat fee and sliding scale fee of a real estateagent.Q 22: Briefly discuss some of the most effective strategies for resolvingconflict between landlord and tenant.Q 23: Briefly discuss some of the communication tools for managing conflictwith clients.Q 24: Briefly discuss the significance of the key register system in real estate.Q 25: What steps should be taken to devise a comprehensive key controlpolicy in the agency?

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