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HOW TO WRITEA CRITIQUEWHAT IS A CRITIQUE? SUMMARY ƒ Are the article and the evidence stillvalid or are they outdated, leading toan invalid conclusion?A critique is a paper that gives a criticalassessment of a book or article.Summarize the author’s purpose and mainpoints/evidence cited that are used forback up.ƒ Was the author successful in makingSTEPS his/her point?ƒ Begin by reading the book or REVIEW & EVALUATEarticle and annotate as you read. To critically review the piece, ask thefollowing questions: CONCLUSIONƒ Note the author’s mainpoint/thesis statement.Wrap up by:ƒ What are the credentials/areas ofexpertise of the author? ƒ Stating whether you agree withƒ Divide the book/article into the author.sections of thought and write abrief summary of each thought inyour own words.ƒ Did the author use appropriatemethods to gather the evidence? ƒ Back up your decisions by statingyour reasons.ƒ Was the evidence used by the authoraccurate? Give a general opinion of theINTRODUCTION work.ƒ Does the author’s use andinterpretation of this evidence leadthe reader to the same conclusion?Start your critique with sentences givingthe following information:ƒ Author’s nameƒ Did the author build a logicalƒ Book/Article title and source argument?ƒ Is there other evidence that wouldsupport a counter-argument?ƒ Author’s thesis statement.

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