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CRM3540 – Gangs and Groups Offending
Assignment 2 to do – It is a 2,500 word essay based on the question below,
How and why do race and racism shape the problem of and responses to gangs and group offending?
Please read carefully below to see the marking criteria on how this essay should be structured. Please put the title on the document which is the question below as well as assignment 2 and module code which is (CRM3540 – Gangs and Groups Offending)
Thank you
CRM3540 Marking Criteria for Assessment 2 (the essay).
The following criteria will be used when assessing the essays.
Always remember to write the essay question out in full at the beginning of the essay.
There should be a logical structure to the essay which must include an introduction and a conclusion as well as the main body in between.
The introduction should provide an explanation/demonstrable understanding of what the question is asking and of the significance of the topic, and an outline of how the essay will be organised.
The main body should proceed logically, developing points of the overall argument within paragraphs and sections and making clear links between these. Always bear in mind the essay question and be sure how points relate back to this.
The conclusion should provide a clear summary of the arguments presented and directly address the essay question. As a rule, no new information should be provided here, but final ‘responses’ and possible recommendations are essential. 
Underpinning Knowledge
Knowledge of key issues and debates should be demonstrated, relating to concepts and definitions, the evidence base, relevant theories and research studies. The knowledge needs to be supported with reference to appropriate sources which must include academic literature.
Critical Analysis
Students should ensure they engage critically with the literature throughout the essay. An awareness of the contested nature of knowledge and theory should be demonstrated as well as the ability to compare, analyse and evaluate competing perspectives.
The essay should be written in the in the third person, in a formal, academic style. Proof reading is expected to remove errors in grammar and spelling, to maximise clarity of meaning and avoid repetition of points. There should be adherence to the word limits (+/- 10%). Take care to ensure consistent use of the size and font of text, even spacing between paragraphs etc.
Please use the Harvard System of referencing. Referencing needs to be accurate and complete. All references cited in the body of the essay should be included in a list of ‘References’ or a ‘Bibliography’ at the end of the essay. The ‘References’ or ‘Bibliography’ should be listed in alphabetical order – they should only include sources that you have referenced in the body of the essay.
This is due by the 29/04/2021

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