CRM3540 Marking Criteria

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CRM3540 Marking Criteria for Assessment 1 (the Portfolio).
The following criteria will be used when assessing the portfolios.
Assignment 1 Portofolio to do –
Summative Assessment One Portfolio: Total 3,000 words
The portfolio must include the following elements:
 • A Chapter or Journal Article review: This will be a 1,000 word review of any chapter from a book in the reading list or any Journal Article on the reading list. This should be a critical review of the issues, including any theories or perspectives adopted in the piece and the overall significance of the work to the gang agenda. This will be worth 20% of the overall mark.
• A Film Review from the list in the handbook OR a Review of a Gang Reduction Policy from a UK local authority: 500 words. You should identify a key criminological theory in the film and critically review the film in relation to the gang’s agenda rather than describe it. Worth 10% of the overall mark.
• Submitted typewritten notes on three selected lectures (from weeks 2-12) OR a book which you have read in full: This should be 1,500 words in total. The notes should indicate your ability to order and collate information and thoughts in your detailed notes from any three lectures which you attended / or detailed notes from any book you have read from the reading list for this module. This will be worth 20% of the overall mark.
The way it needs to be done is as per below:
There should be a logical structure to each component of the portfolio with a clear flow and development of points from beginning to end.
Underpinning Knowledge
Knowledge of key issues and debates should be demonstrated, relating to concepts and definitions, the evidence base, relevant theories and research studies. The knowledge needs to be supported with reference to appropriate sources which must include academic literature.
Critical Analysis
An awareness of the contested nature of knowledge and theory should be demonstrated as well as the ability to compare, analyse and evaluate competing perspectives.
The portfolio should be presented professionally with the three components clearly demarcated and appropriate use of headings and sub-headings. It should be written in the third person, in a formal, academic style. Proof reading is expected to remove errors in grammar and spelling, to maximise clarity of meaning and avoid repetition of points. There should be adherence to the word limits (+/- 10%).
Please use the Harvard System of referencing. Referencing needs to be accurate and complete. All references cited in the body of the portfolio should be included in a list of ‘References’ or a ‘Bibliography’ either at the end of each section (component) or at the end of the portfolio. The ‘References’ or ‘Bibliography’ should be listed in alphabetical order – they should only include sources that you have referenced in the body of the portfolio.
Please include on the document the title which is portfolio as well as assignment 1 and the module code which is (CRM3540)
Thank you
This is due by 29/04/2021

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