cross-cultural perspective compare Canada’s leisure

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Leisure and Recreation (Chapter 10): From a cross-cultural perspective compare Canada’s leisure/recreation policies/outcomes to those of another country and make recommendations for improving the leisure/recreation options of Canadian seniors. OR
a subculture perspective examine the leisure/recreation needs of seniors from a particular Canadian subculture and make recommendations for improving the leisure/recreation options of this subgroup of Canadian seniors.
Instructions of assignment
The Written Portion of the Assignment:
You are expected to make use of 3 different sources:
1. One sociological journal article from a reputable academic source published in the last 10
years and a minimum of 3 pages in length. This article should serve as the primary basis for
your presentation and your paper.
2. Your textbook (or another similar sociological source), which will provide you with the
sociological concepts and theories that you will need to use when answering your research
3. A current article from popular media (newspaper, magazine, or the internet) published
within the last year that discusses current sociological trends relevant to your research question.
**The sociological journal article and current article from popular media must be accessible
through a working link or URL**
Note that you may not find the perfect article that addresses all points of your research question, such as a cross-cultural comparison of your topic. However, by combining your text book and the popular media together with your article, may provide you with the necessary information for a cross-cultural comparison.
3 The expected page length for your paper is 4-5 pages. In those pages you must do the following:
Summarize the sociological journal article (1-2 pages or 275-550 words)
• Using your academic, peer reviewed journal article, which addresses your research question, begin your summary with a brief introduction. Then, address the following questions in your own words: What was the purpose of the article? How does the author situate their research in the context of others who have written about this topic? What is the author arguing? What are the main points of the author’s argument? This may involve going beyond the stated facts and seeing the whole picture or thesis. For example, Durkheim’s study on suicide is not just about comparing suicide rates between Catholics and Protestants, but it is on how one’s social context influences individual behavior.
Critically Analyze the sociological journal article (1-2 pages or 275-500 words) Address the following sections:
• Evidence. Analyzing an article involves looking at the nature of the evidence. The evidence used may be scientific/scholarly (refer to your textbook or lecture notes for guidance here) or non-scientific/anecdotal (refer to your textbook or lecture notes). Make sure that you clearly state and describe the evidence being used to make the author’s argument.
• Point of View/Perspective. All social scientists have a point of view or perspective. It may be stated explicitly or it may be implied by their argument. One way to identify their point of view or perspective is to consider the following: What is their level of analysis (e.g. macro/micro)? What theoretical approach has the author taken (e.g. social- conflict, structural-functionalist, symbolic-interactionist)? Keep in mind that a point of view/perspective is not the same as a hypothesis or a thesis. Nor is it the same as a bias, which implies looking at an event solely from one point of view. All perspectives have their shortcomings; they allow us to ‘see’ certain aspects of social life whilst being ‘blind’ to others.
• Strengths and Weaknesses. Consider the research methodology used and its inherent strengths and weaknesses. Was any empirical evidence presented; was it collected by the author or other social scientists; did it adequately support the author’s conclusions? Consider the author’s assumptions, was it reasonable? Consider the author’s bias, point of view, or theoretical perspective; was it fair and reasonably objective; did it adequately explain the research question? Be sure to clearly describe both the strengths and weaknesses of your article. Did the article succeed in achieving its overall purpose or add to the body of knowledge for this particular issue?
• Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why or why not? Here is your chance to give your perspective on the research. Be sure to clearly describe your point of view and your reasons for that position.
3. Sociological Theory & Social Issues/Trends (1-2 pages, or 275-550 words)
• You are expected to demonstrate your understanding of the broader issues represented
by your research question and article. You will begin this by:
a. Applying a sociological theory (the one that best fits in explaining your journal article and the social issue being considered) to your research.
b. Discuss social trends and current events within Canada or the global community that apply to your research question. Here you will integrate the current article from popular media (be sure to provide enough content here by summarizing the article and explaining how it ties into your journal article and broader social issue).
Numbers 1, 2 and 3 should appear as subheadings in your paper. You may or may not include and introduction and conclusion. I recommend doing so for the sake of practice, but it is not mandatory.

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