CSC 612: SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGY ITECH1103- Big Data andAnalytics PUBH6001: Health Policy and Advocacy Commercial Law As…

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1C.K. TEDAM UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED SCIENCESSCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATION SCIENCESDEPARTMENT OF CYBER SECURITY AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGYASSIGNMENT 2CSC 612: SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGYINSTRUCTIONS: Attempt All QuestionsDEADLINE: Friday, September 24, 2021 (5pm)1. Pressman lists 13 golden guidelines for successful design review.i. Four of the golden rules deal with design review infrastructure. Can you list thesegolden guidelines and elaborate on the importance of the infrastructure elementsand how they affect software quality? [4marks]
It is often claimed that the six golden guidelines dealing with the design reviewsession are as applicable to inspection as they are to walkthrough sessions. Can youlist these common golden guidelines and explain the reasons for their broad
2. One of the objectives of reviews is to identify deviations from templates and style proceduresand conventions. Explain the importance of enforcing templates and sticking to styleprocedures and conventions. [10marks]Wumnaya, P. A.

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