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Deliverable 1-Mid-term Document
End of Week 7
Maximum Mark
Min page limit: 25
Max Page limit: 50
Topics to be covered
Project Introduction:
• Introduce your team and your role in this project
Scope and timeline:
• Stockholder analysis
• Explain how your network design and the services provided will
increase the revenue (must be in detail; not just “cut and paste”
• In Scope and Out of Scope
• Project timeline (need to explain why such a timeline is chosen)
Design Challenges:
• What are the technical challenges at each level (you can split your
discussion based on labs, floor area and levels).
• How these architecture challenges affect your design. This is very
important aspect of your WiFi design.
Cabling standard:
• Here you must specify how are you going to interconnect your APs
to Switches and WLC.
• You must provide a cabling schema. This must be split at floor
levels, labs. Encouraged to use hierarchical design.
Traffic Characterization:
• What are the potential traffic in your WiFi network (with justification)
• How are going to segregate traffic? You need to explain using
standardized technologies.
• How it can be implemented. Traffic segmentation is one of the
important aspect of your WiFi project.
Securing the Network:
• How are you propose to secure the wireless network?
• Explain in detail your secure framework. What technology you are
going to use?
• How are planning to integrate the proposed secure scheme with your
List of hardware and software:
• List of network hardware to be used with justification.
Introduction to the WiFi technology to be Proposed
• Present an overview of the wireless technology and solution you are
going to provide.
Smart Sensors
• Give an overview of the proposed smart sensors used in the network
that can be programmed to turn off lights according to your project
Note: Ensure that your document contain all necessary details pertaining to
your building. Generic information may not be of any value.
• Facts or standards must be referenced.
• We accept only MSWord document (no other submission accepted).
• Fonts: 11pt; 1.5 line spacing.
• We will provide the “Front Page”. You need to use the front page to
provide your Team details.
Midterm Presentation
Max Marks
10 marks
Your team need to present based on the above documents. Your
presentation must be clear with all facts (suitable references); Without valid
justification, we may not able to accept your arguments.
So far, you have not addressed any design issue. The Second part of your
project primarily deals with design and technical details:
Deliverable 2-Final Document
End of Week 12
Maximum Mark
Min page limit: 30
Max Page limit: 50
Topics to be covered
IP Addressing Scheme (covers both IPv4 and v6)
• Address space for each level.
• Address space for Labs, floor; How are going to dissipate? (full detail
and working needs to be included)
Comms room:
• Placement of Comms room and justification.
Integrating Fire alarm and smart sensors:
• Give detail spec of Fire alarm and smart sensors to be used in your
• Your logical design must include how these devices are integrated to
the prosed WiFi network.
Your Logical Design:
• Blueprint of your Core layer in your WiFi
o You need to specify the gears clearly.
o Cabling to interconnect core layer
o Naming convention used.
• Placement of AP, WLC in each floor space and how they are
integrated? Here you need to provide IP address space, how they are
dissipated, naming conventions used etc.
• Lab level, Building level network diagram. You must provide details so
that it can be implemented straight without ambiguity. You must
integrate AV, security devices etc.
Channel Mapping
• Provide a detail of WiFi channel each AP is working?
• How do you ensure that there is no interference from co and adjacent
• Power planning?
Guaranteed Bandwidth
• Bandwidth estimation to your proposed design
• How do you ensure that each connected user will be guaranteed a
minimum bandwidth (according to your project specification?)
Maintenance Schedule
• Provide hardware, software and licensing maintenance schedule (with
Detailed Inventory
• List of Switches, routers used with specification
• List of APs, WLCs with specification
• Other hardware including Fire alarm and smart sensors.
Detailed Costing: (with reference for the cost)
• Software cost
• Hardware cost
• Maintenance cost
• Consultancy cost.
• What is unique about your proposed design?
• Why do you think that this project must be given to your company?
• How do you ensure that your project implementation will bring profit
to our organization?
Final Presentation
Max Marks
10 marks
Your team need to present based on the above documents. Your
presentation must be clear with all facts (suitable references); Without valid
justification, we may not able to accept your arguments.
Mark distribution
Weekly Progress Meeting
10 marks
Mid-term presentation
10 marks
Mid-term documentation
30 marks
Final presentation
10 marks
Final documentation
40 marks
Total marks
100 marks

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