current online event management system

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The current online event management system Festivals, conferences, ceremonies, marriages, formal parties, concerts, and conventions are examples of large-scale events that the company plans and develops. It entailed researching the brand, determining the target demographic, planning the event, and executing the plan, organizing the technical components prior to the event’s debut. The process of preparing and executing an event is known as event planning, and it includes site map, feasibility, promotion, site design, event proposal. The other management process involved is event control which includes negotiations, costing, logistics decision making and change. In this case we are going to name the business, Neon Event Company.
Neon Event Company is an organization that is looking to expand and get rid of their manual system of booking and profile management to an online management system. They have been using a manual system that has sometimes failed them and this leads to losses as a company. They have requested my services to enable the design and development of their new management system.
Current situation.
Neon is currently using a manual system for their business. This system is not providing on-line help to users. The manual system is also not secure for data saving and some are lost due to mismanagement. The current system is also not providing proper events information to users. The users are also unable to track their activities and progress. From the current situation at Neon there’s a need for Management information Systems
Current problem.
The system that has been used at Neon that is not secure and doesn’t provide online help to users is time spending and also results in unnecessary errors and losing of customer information. Introduction of an information system would cope with the problem and allow growth of the business as it can handle large data from all users.
The need of Information Systems arises from the following situation and problems;
The number of errors increases on manual system.
Lots of time is spent on managing the manual system
Data being lost means that they are potentially losing valuable clients that would have brought profits
Misinformation from the current system
Advantages of the IS
Reduction of errors through data automation
Data security of the users and company information
Reusability of data from current booking, and future ones once entered to the Information System
Time will be saved as no manual workload required as the information system will handle.
Risks for doing this project
Resource constraints
The new system might be complex for staff to use and manage
Database will need to be upgraded to cope with future demands
If the system does not meet the requirements
Increased load on the existing event infrastructure.
Risks for not doing the project.
Errors will continue to arise through the existing manual system
Inefficiency in the event booking process
Too much time is spent of managing the manual system
The risk of data being completely lost in the manual process is high
Data duplication as manual system can’t tell is the data was initially there.
The project success is to be measured by the following;
The decrease in time spent by the admin time due to the automated process
Cost benefits out of efficiency of process. Automation of data and reduction of manual process.
Project Proposal Initiation.
Summary project Information.
This project name is Online event management system. We will be working on this with two other students. The two students are Kesa Tamang & Mohani Bhurtel. During this project I will be handling all project manager roles.
Short project Description
We will be creating an application that will enable users to book and check their event status online. The objective of this application is to develop a system that effectively manages all the data related to the various events that take place in this organization. The purpose is to maintain a centralized database of all event related information. The goal is to support various functions and processes necessary to manage the data efficiently. 
Architecture Outline
The main architecture components that we will be using for our project will be, user interface which help in checking how best its working, database that will keep all relevant information for the business, mobile application for both users and stakeholders to best check and make necessary updates whenever needed.
Technology skill set.
All the students that are undertaking this project have completed and are well versed in at least 2 programming languages. We also have completed System Analysis units with competency level. We have also studied Database management units. All these skills that we’ve acquired learning will be put together to make a successful online event application.
Potential issues.
At the moment the issue that we might anticipate is budgeting issues as we have to do different testing phases and at some point, we might need to outsource meaning more funds will need to be used. Lack of communication from stakeholders this will slow us down and eventually slow the project.
Project Scope.
This includes physical scope which describes the physical area of application where the project will be applied and technical scope describes the functionalities in proposed system.
Types of Information systems to be used;
Business Intelligence System
Accounts Systems
Enterprise Resource planning
Website and Content System
Physical scope
The application of new system will be conducted at Neon Company.
Technical scope
The system will provide the following functionalities;
User registration: The system allows new users to register online and provide
registration form.
User login: The system will allow user to login through its first page.
Online reservation of services (event scheduled): Customers will be able to use
the system to make booking, schedule events online.
Customer complaints and feedback: The system will allow customers to send
complaints and feedback.
Report generation: The system will generate transaction reports.
Report printing: The system will allow the printing of transaction reports
Online Payments Approval: The system will send notifications to the manager
for approving payments.
Significance of the system
The system will be beneficial in the following ways:
The company will be able to send notification to clients regarding status of their
Event booking through email or short message system
Customized alerts to customers upon cancelled events
Detailed event billing platform on various products services
Display view of Discounts detail on various services
The clients will benefit from the system through;
Easy access to various event packages.
Online payment platform which is fast and secure
Feedback to event manager has been made easy. Just send the email to the service
provider, quick secure and responsive
Project Charter.
Project Team Charter includes:
•Team Name- Neon Event Team
•Team Mission and Objectives or Goal
To help the business expand through the new system
Identify and analysis the potential market for the business and how they can achieve
To be able to reduce costs and maximize profits through the new system
•Team Member Skill Inventory
Kesa Tamang; system analysis, database management
Mohani Bhurtel; Coding, system analysis and design
Faith Bon; Database management, Programming
•Role Identification
Kesa Tamang- Team Member
Mohani Bhurtel- System Analyst
Faith Bon- Project Manager
•Ground Rules
Contribute to meeting goals
Let everyone participate
Think before insulting anyone
Stay on point and on time
•Conflict Resolution Mechanisms
Talk and understand where the issue has risen from
Identify a solution
Clarify what the issue is.
Bringing involved parties together
•Sign Off
Faith Bon (Project Manager)
Project Vision Document
Problem description
The business problem that we are currently facing is this system does not effectively provide secure registration and profile maintenance for all users. The business problem mentioned has affected the users as their security is not maintained and also the stakeholders are affected as the number of users decreases. This problem will negatively impact the business as no one will be able to sign up due to low security and the poor profile management leading to the loss of the business if not changed. The problems at Neon can be resolved by applying the new application system that will help with all data management issues and accountability.
System Capabilities
•Reducing staff by automating manual functions or increasing efficiency
•Decreasing operating expenses
•Reducing error rates through automated editing or validation
•Reducing bad accounts or bad credit losses
•Reducing inventory or data losses through tighter controls
•Collecting receivables (accounts receivable) more rapidly
User will securely log on to the web application
User will securely track their progress activities.
Business benefits
The primary business benefits of the new system will be to increase sales as a large number of customers will be reached.
Increasing customer satisfaction
Attracting new customers through referrals
Increasing frequency of service and event booking
Increasing the number of customer bookings
Expanding to customers out of the area

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