current situation of COVID-19

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Read the follow scenarios and suggest the required solutions:
Adnan and Bassma are working on a top secret project and because of the current situation of COVID-19 they have to work from home. On a daily-basis they have to exchange many messages and documents related to a very confidential project. They have been informed by their manager that one evil competitor will hire a hacker to spy on them and steal related information. The manager instructed them to take all the necessary countermeasures to prevent this from happening. Previously the company issued each employee a smart card that contains a private key for the employee himself/herself in additional to all the public keys of the other employees in the company. The smart card has also the possibility to generate symmetric keys as needed.
Based on all the above and based on your understanding of Hash function and digital signature and key exchange, use drawing and clear explanation to show how these methods and algorithms can be used to protect the communication between Adnan and Bassma so that the hacker can’t spy on them or even fool them with fabricated messages
Alice would like to generate her public and private keys using the RSA algorithm. The values for the prime numbers p, q and the key ‘e’ is as follows:
p (prime)
q (prime)

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Answer the following questions (marks will be awarded for the formulae’ used and the working shown for each step)
What is the value of n?
What is the value of Ø(n)?
What are the values for Alice’s private and public keys?
Using a plaintext value of your choice prove that the encryption and decryption is successful when using the keys generated for Alice. (Use M to denote the plaintext and C to denote the ciphertext)
 Assignment Objective: Appling different cipher techniques to provide secure communication.
1- Revise modern Symmetric and Asymmetric Encrypting systems.
2- Watch the following two videos and answer the question below: a. Hash Functions Explained Simply:
b. Digital Signature:

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