customers in planning processes

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 Plan to meet internal and external customer requirements.
1.1           Investigate, identify, assess, and include the needs of customers in planning processes.
1.2           Ensure plans achieve the quality, time and cost specifications agreed with customers.
2.        Ensure delivery of quality products and/ or services.
2.1          Deliver products and/or services to customer specifications within organisation’s business plan.
2.2          Manage team performance to consistently meet the organisation’s quality and delivery standards.
2.3          Assist colleagues to overcome difficulty in meeting customer service standards using leadership, supervision, coaching and mentoring.
3.        Monitor, adjust and review customer service.
3.1          Develop and use strategies to monitor progress in achieving product and/ or service targets and standards.
3.2          Develop and use strategies to obtain customer feedback to improve the provision of products and/ or services.
3.3          Develop, procure and use resources effectively to provide quality products and/ or services to customers.
3.4        Make decisions to overcome problems and to adapt customer services, products and/or service delivery in consultation with appropriate individuals and groups.
3.5          Manage records, reports and recommendations within the organisation’s systems and processes.
Assessment Task 1.1.1:
Look at your business or one you are interested in and write a code of conduct for this business. (Keep in mind the antidiscrimination laws)
Assessment Task 1.1.2:
Explain why good service encourages customer loyalty and is a way to stand out from your competitors.  Give examples to support your answer.
Assessment Task 1.1.3:
Using the list of 10 Steps Guide, describe how you would implement this into your business or organisation in detail.
Assessment Task 1.1.4:
a.       Give examples of using plain language why is it so important to communicate this way?
b.      Explain why technical language, abbreviations or jargon can cause problems?
c.       Why should information be accurate and concise?
Assessment Task 1.1.5:

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