Data Management in action

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As a result of your experience in this course/program, you have been invited to provide an overview of data science to the undergraduate Technology Club at the local state university. The request, which came from one of your former professors, was to present this overview in two formats: a slide presentation that would last up to 40 minutes and an executive summary that could be available as a resource to students and faculty. The slide presentation should be visually appealing (not cluttered) with speaker notes attached to each slide. As you review this course to decide what to include, be sure to visit (and include) components from each week of the course. Including examples (perhaps from your proposed research problem) is an expectation of the slide presentation.
For the executive summary, in addition to simply summarizing the content of the course, an assessment component (i.e., why is X important?) and the interconnectivity of the components should also be presented (e.g., how does basic research design related to data management relate to inferential statistics relate to the interpretation of results?). As part of the executive summary, provide two actionable statements that could realistically emerge from your proposed study.
Each week’s components
Week 1: Introduction to Data Science
Week 2: Designing Research
Week 3: The Components of Data Management
Week 4: Data Management in action
Week 5: Descriptive Statistics
Week 6: Inferential Statistics
Week 7: Interpreting Quantitative Results Presentation.

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