DBA902 Assignment 1

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DBA902 Assignment 1 Fall 2021Exercise 1[CLO2]: In the following situations, do you consider the selected sample to be a simplerandom sample? Provide your reasoning for your answer.(a) A TV newsman is conducting man-on-the-street interviews outside the mall to assess publicopinion on the current events in the Arab World. He selected the first 10 customers arrivingthe mall.(b) A teacher is interested in selecting 5 students from a class of 30 students. If the classroom has6 teams with 5 members in each team, choose a team at random and select all students in thatteam.(c) A medical researcher randomly selected five letters from the alphabet and abstracted data fromthe charts of patients whose family names start with any of those five letters.(d) A doctor selected every 20th file from medical charts arranged alphabetically to estimate thepercent of patients who have not had any clinic visits during the past 24 months.Exercise 2: For each of the items below, diagnose the problem(s) with the questions. Then, basedon that diagnosis, suggest improved wording that solves the problem.(a) How would you rate Al-Arabiya and CNN coverage of the recent events in the Arab World? Very low  Low  Moderate  High  Very high(b) Given these difficult times in Egypt, how likely are you to spend your summer vacation inCairo? Extremelylikely VeryLikely Somewhat likely  Slightly likely  Not at All LikelyExercise 3[CLO3]: From the USA survey 1985, describe and analyze the relationship between thehappiness, gender, marital status and total family income variables.Exercise 4: Problem 5.33 Page 316.

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