Define health issue.

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Orientate the reader to the topic – maybe give a brief introduction to the area or highlight the link between health and the social determinants – catch the readers’ attention, spark some interest in the topic
Signpost the reader to different sections in the report
Demographic Profileof  XXX (200 words)
Life expectancy
Mortality /Morbidity
(Consider where best to place this information, will it be better here or in the discussion on social determinants of health?)
You need to consider comparative data
Health Issue in xxx (100 words)
Identify a health issue – relate to statistics on mortality/morbidity
Define health issue- very briefly!
Prevalence of health issue
Who is affected? Health Inequalities (criteria 1) (300 words)
Define health inequalities/ a brief discussion of health inequalities e.g. consider Marmot Review
Relate it to your health issues (Nursing Assignment Help)
Relate to your social determinants of health – i.e. how can the health inequality be explained considering the social determinants of health (this links onto the following sub-section)
Social Determinants of health  (200 words)
Define social determinants of health
Identify social determinant that relates to your health issue
e.g. mental ill health – unemployment, poor housing, low income
e.g. CVD- lifestyle- yes but need to link to wider determinants of health
This section needs to be backed up with evidence- use literature – NO OPINIONS!
Policy issues relating to xxxx (500 words)
Introduce the section
Introduce policy in general
National or Local Policy
Identify local or national policies that relate to your health or social care issue.
What do they intend to do?
Describe the policies
What approach do the policies take?
What recommendations do they make
Do they consider the wider determinants of health or do they only focus on the health issue directly? Do they only consider individual behaviour choices?
What do authors say about the existing policies? Are they effective or realistic?
Public Health Provisions in your borough  (500 words )
Introduce the section
Define and presents a brief background on public health – what does public health aim to do?
Identify the provisions
You may wish to consider:
What are the outcomes? Are they effective?
Do they follow the policies? ( this links back to the previous section) Does the provision follow the policy suggestions?
Do they tackle the social determinants of health that you focus on?
Do they relate to the groups most in need?
Are there any gaps in the provisions?

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