demand and supply graphs

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QUESTION 1  Using demand and supply graphs illustrate and explain the difference between a change in quantity demanded of hats and a change in demand for hats. In your answer explain two factors that will result in the change in demand for hats.    4 Marks  QUESTION 2  Using demand and supply graphs illustrate and explain the effect of the following events on the market for solar panels (assume ceteris paribus).  In your answer, include an explanation of the market adjustment process.  (a) The price of solar panels is above the market equilibrium price. (b) The price of electricity for an average household has decreased by 50 percent. (c) The number of solar panel producers have increased by 50 percent.       2 + 2 + 2 = 6 MarksQUESTION 3  The demand for watermelon, which is harvested in summer, is highest during the summer months and lowest during winter months. Yet watermelon prices are normally lower in summer than in winter. Use demand and supply graphs to illustrate and explain how this is possible. Clearly indicate the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity in your graph.            3 Marks  QUESTION 4  Ceteris paribus, at the same time when the demand for yoga services has increased the government has also introduced strict regulations that has resulted in a fall in the number of yoga providers. Using demand and supply graphs illustrate and explain the impact on the equilibrium price and quantity in the market for yoga services?   4 Marks HINT:  There is more than one outcome

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