demonstrate your mastery of HTML and CSS

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Overview The intent of this assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of HTML and CSS (no JavaScript) Submitting Put your assignment in a folder named assign1 userid (e.g., assign1_ealmasri). Put all resources used by your assignment into this folder. Copy this folder to submit via Canvas (Assignments-> Assignment 1). You will lose marks if you do not follow these submission instructions. Grading The grade for this assignment will be broken down as follows: Functional Requirements (85/100) Non-Functional Requirements (15/100) Non-Functional Requirements You must submit valid and semantically appropriate HTML5 You must create the two HTML web pages shown below. You will be supplied with the necessary images. You must use CSS for formatting; however, other than some floats, CSS positioning will not be necessary. The page does not have to be an exact match; it should however be as close as possible and look the same on the major browsers. The two link menus must be lists with different hover behavior. For the dummy links, make the destination URL “#” Both pages must use the same single CSS file.

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