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The Variance Gamma Model is an example of pure-jump model, where small jumpsoccur frequently, and large jumps occur only occasionally. Discuss the essential ideas of the model highlighting why it might be particularly appealing. Other Article: interpreted” in different settings through the written and spoken language (Bhatia, Flowerdew, & Jones, 2008, p. 1). However, the digital world has now more than ever enabled people to communicate beyond the written and spoken language. Kress and van Leeuwen (1996) argues that textual information is not necessarily at the essence of constructing meanings. Iedema (2003, p. 33) emphasizes further that the “blurring of boundaries among different semiotic dimensions of representations” needs to bring about a multimodal approach to discourse to better understand the interplay of signs across multiple modes of communication. This multimodal approach allows the researchers to delve both into the semiotics and language-in-use”. The memes selected for analysis contain images of older adults and are mainly categorized into memes released by DOT and those that are generated by internet users. Memes released by DOT are taken from the official Facebook page of the DOT ( DepartmentOfTourism) and the official Facebook page of the campaign ( that DOT also handles. On the other hand, internet user-generated memes were scoured on Google Images using keywords “It’s more fun in the Philippines” combined with words such as “aging”, “old age”, “old people”, and “growing old” to extract memes that have older adults as subjects or are relating to older adults. The original link of the photo is also followed if still available and contextualized to when applicable. In addition, the memes must also follow the guidelines released by DOT. This should include a word or a phrase that describes the image followed by the phrase “More fun in the Philippines”. The font… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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