description of Business learning process

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2. Topic: Factors influencing employee motivation and its effect on employee’s performance
The purpose of this assignment is to provide a description of Business learning process, by taking part in this assignment the students get an opportunity to work on a topic which interests and motivates the students to further execute the research successfully. The concept that my team has chosen helps to understand that individuals have to be productive at work to become successful so for being productive there are various factors which needs to be considered such as providing proper equipment’s at work and various employee benefits etc. These factors can motivate individuals to work effectively and give their best performances as motivation is the key to get work done. It is a challenging as well as interesting task to do a research project on employee motivation as there are many concepts which we can understand and apply in our daily lives. Also, most of the students are currently doing part time jobs along with their studies; this concept applies for everyone as all are going to work now or in future. Generally, full-time employees are supposed to work 40 hours per week each year. They spend around 2100 hours each year contributing their work to the company which shows that most of the time of our lives is dominated to work for them. The organizations must continue to succeed because people will continue to work as they do not have any other option but to work and support their families for pay checks. As firms succeed through the production, we should understand that it is important to influence and measure the production through research. There are mainly two ways that can help in production increase in the organisations are motivation and communication. Nowadays, to get a positive performance both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is highly accepted as a vital element (Brooks, 2007).
3. Initial Literature Search
The findings of the team were that the extrinsic factors influence the accomplishment attributes of employee motivation. These factors comprise of work environment, pay rate, work condition and fringe benefits. This means the extrinsic factors are very important for influencing the workers to attempt at meeting their goals by performing productively the given essential work (Taslim, 2011). Motive and action are two combinations that can be referred as motivation. It means that we can calculate the ability of an individual not only by their output or productivity but by considering motivation level. The research also recognized some intrinsic factors that can be used to influence the employees to get motivated. Factors such as responsibility, recognition, salary formation, appreciation, perception, achievements etc. The team also understood from the research that it plays a psychological as well as instrumental factor for the firm when motivation of employee’s impact is linked with their performance. From our findings we also found out that the firms are faced with many challenges concerned with belief, engagement, dedication and maintaining their employees (Akhtar et al., 2014; Ali, Iqbal and Ahmad Sandhu, 2020). By giving equal mixture of direction, guidance and resources and rewards, the staff will get motivated and therefore gets inspired and be willing to work the way the company wants. Hence, we can say that most of the problems can be resolved by imparting appropriate motivation (Ryan 2014; Taslim, 2011).
4. Statement of Research Problem
Human resources are the key resources that manage the other resources and determine the success or failure of any organisation. Even if the employed personnel have high skills, qualifications, have the sophisticated resources or equipment to use and have good organisational culture, however, they are not motivated to perform their job, this led to poor organisational outcome (Ali, Iqbal and Ahmad Sandhu, 2020). Motives help one to direct one’s energy to attain goal of organisation. Employees who are motivated work either individually or mutually with each other to attain the goals of the organisation. Employees perform their high standards and always looking for ways to improve. Employee’s level of performance depends on skills and willingness to do work in organisation. Motivation acts as bridge to close gap between one’s skills and readiness to work. When employees are motivated, then they’re likely to achieve extraordinary results. Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation affects one’s eagerness to perform activities and attain goal. Different factors like satisfaction, sense of achievement, fear, bonuses, and reward may drive one’s energy and action (Ryan 2014; Taslim, 2011). Lack of motivation in employee can be sighted in various examples like coming late to work, absences from work, not performing to one’s skills, lack of responsibility and accountability at one’s work. It is crucial for any firm to find the ways or strategies to motivate employees. In order to do that, first they should be able to understand the employees and find out their own individual drive or motives. Employee must be inspired and driven to work otherwise it will lead to poor outcomes (Akhtar et al., 2014). Not every employee is motivated by the same factor. Each employee has their own motives and drives that enable them to work productively and effectively. The problem is not knowing what intrinsic or extrinsic factors help to motivate employee to perform at their best (Ali, Iqbal and Ahmad Sandhu, 2020). This research intends to analyse the various motivational factors that affect employee performance. Employees are essential to meet the goals of an organisation. They need to perform high standard quality work. Each employee has driven desire that is influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The purpose is to find out the different factors that affect employee motivation and eventually their performance in the organisation (Akhtar et al., 2014). It is vital to be aware of what various factors may affect the motivation of an employee and how it has impact on their performance. It is important to examine the outcomes of the motivation on their performance. What effective techniques or strategies can organisation implement to boost employee motivation (Kasyoki & George, 2013).
5. Research Question
What are the intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors that influence employee motivation at XYZ firm in Brisbane?
Team Charter
Team Charter
1. We are group of 3 members and we always communicate with each other regarding our first business project though WhatsApp group as it is easy for everybody to have quick conversation and also we do our group meetings in evenings to discuss about our progress about work. We have worked very well as team as everybody is giving time to this project. We have divided our work but still we help each other so that nobody feels stressed and pressured.
2. Every group member is doing two parts, as we have mentioned in our Cover sheet.
3. As a team we always learn from each other, so apart from working on our parts we are more working as a team
4. As this is the team work so everyone should be present for the meetings we always do our group meetings in the evenings so that everyone can attend it.
5. Since we always communicate with each other regarding progress of the work but in case of emergency, If anyone could not make it on time, we just workout the time accordingly or if the person is lacking behind , we always try to offer a helping hand.
6. For any business or project team plays a very important role to achieve success, so we expect that our team should be clear of what they are asked to do or do their rough work before coming to meetings so that we can straight away discuss about it otherwise if team member is not prepared for his meeting then work will get delayed, which will directly affect the project.
7. We except from our team that everyone should be fair and have positive attitude towards work then we can share ideas with other and asses them from our point of view and reach final decisions.
8. As we discuss our progress everyday through WhatsApp group so we ensure that every member is doing their work on time as assigned.
9. We will respectfully acknowledge and appreciate their hard work so that they do well in future as well, However if the team member is performing below as required, we would always help him/her to improve.
10. We are working on this project as a team and so far we our research is going really well and everyone is doing their role with full commitment.

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