design an interaction for dealing with a life situation

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Discuss how you would design an interaction for dealing with a life situation of a person from a marginalized group which demonstrates difference competence.
Social Workers need to develop difference competence or difference sensitive practice in relation to working with diversity. For this assessment, students need to select a particular area of difference, and I have outlined some case studies below that you can use as the basis of your essay. If you wish to choose another case example for your own experience,  please check with your facilitator first.
This is an analytical essay. In this essay you will need to be clear about the theoretical basis for your ‘interaction’. Ideas for it need to be drawn from the relevant literature and referenced appropriately.
You should use an essay format (i.e., with an introduction, body, and conclusion).
Your essay should:
·         Critically analyze a specific area of difference using relevant theory(s),
The first task here is identify an area of difference – choose one of the three that we explored in this subject:  i. sexuality; ii. Migration or refugees; iii. Disability.
What would be a helpful theory to assist you in understanding how this area of difference is discussed i.e. would Dominelli discussing anti-oppressive practice be useful? Fook looking at critical reflection? Mullaly  structural social work?
·         Articulate practice issues and dilemmas in relation to this difference
                The second task is to identify practice issues and dilemmas – so what is a dilemma? “An ethical dilemma is a predicament where a person must decide between two viable solutions that       seem to have     similar ethical value. An ethical dilemma can occur when a social worker                has to take a moral         course of action depending upon two different              moral philosophies that                conflict with each other”
                What would practising in this area mean for you as well? What might you be challenged by? This               does not have a right/wrong answer but asks you to reflect on what the challenges are for you?
·                         Develop a plan for effective work with this difference, including practical ideas               about:
How your practice would be inclusive and empowering, and
How you would manage ethical issues,
                The responses here will depend upon your discussion of the ethical dilemmas –what do we       mean by inclusive? Empowering?
Inclusive —
Empowering – “empowerment is typically understood as a process through which people reduce their powerlessness and alienation and gain great control over all aspects of their lives and social environment” Mullaly, B. (1997) Structural social work. Oxford University Press, p.167
·         Uses at least 5 relevant references (including at least three academic texts) appropriately and accurately using APA6 citation style.
What is an academic text? Wikipedia? A peer-reviewed journal article? How do I reference accurately – see the APA 6 guidelines as outlined via the library homepage.
Case Study 2
Alana Foley, is a final year education student at La Trobe University who recently came out as a lesbian to three close friends. However, she is now wondering if this was a mistake as she feels it has changed the relationships. One of her friends, Mel has become very distant and Alana feels this is due to her ‘coming out’.

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