Designing Experiences for the Organization

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You are asked to write up your personal thoughts, feelings with suggested considerations basedon viewing the video “Designing Experiences for the Organization of theFuture” by Mimi Brooks. The video can befound: watching the video, reflect on the following questions:1. What qualities does an organization need to have in order to be successful in today’smarket?2. How do we motivate workers aggressively to pursue their new relationship withmachines?3. Discuss the challenges to building the digital organization.The document you submit must be no longer than five pages (12 point Times New Roman font,1” margins, double spaced). Make sure you run spell check and proofread your document.Carefully proofread the document before handing it in and ensure that you did what was asked.Follow the following rubric:• Use Course content provided. (Chapter 1 – chapter 4)• The reflection needs to make sense.• The content needs to be consistent with the video.• Grammar, spelling, punctuation, Clarity of expression.• Answer all 3 questions asked.Chapter 1- Introduction to OrganizationsChapter 2- Strategy Formulation & ExecutionChapter 3- Fundamentals of Organizational StructureChapter 4- The External Environment

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