develop a numerical method

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3-8. A professor wishes to develop a numerical method for giving grades. He intends to base the grade on homework, two midterms, a project, and a final examination. He wishes the final exam to have the largest influence on the grade. He wants the project to have 10%, each midterm to have 20%, and the homework to have 10% of the influence of the semester grade.
a.  Determine the weights the professor should use to produce a weighted average for grading purposes.
b. For a student with the following grades during the quarter, calculate a weighted average for the course:
Instrument           Final  Project Midterm 1 Midterm 2  Homework
Percentage Grade   64       98           67              63               89
c.  Calculate an (unweighted) average of these five scores and discuss why the weighted average would be preferable here.

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